Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Be loyal and obedient to Allah

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas RA:

Once i was behind the Prophet SAW and he said: "O boy, i will teach you a few words:

1. Be loyal and obedient to Allah (worship Him Alone), remember Him always, obey His Orders. He will save you from every evil and will take care of you in all the spheres of life.

2. Be loyal and obedient to Allah, you will find Him near (in front of you), i.e. He will respond to your requests.

3. If you ask, ask Allah.

4. If you seek help, seek help from Allah.

5. Know that if all the people get together in order to benefit you with something, they will not be able to benefit you in anything except what Allah has decreed for you. And if they all get together in order to harm you with something, they will not be able to harm you in anything except what Allah has decreed for you.

The pens have stopped writings [Divine (Allah's) Preordainments]. And (the ink over) the papers (Book of Decrees) have dried."

Hadith from Sahih Al-Tirmidhi

15 december punya story


alhamdulillah, i have safely turned 27 today =')

when i was in uni, i never thought i'd live up to this age.
27 feels like forever away~~

but it's today!


and i usually don't celebrate my birthday. just dinner with family la biasanya.
but today, i didn't have dinner whatsoever. i cooked as usual and mom tapaukan botok-botok, so all i had to cook were nasi and sayur.
it was simple and nice dinner (for me la. for suami, don't know. hopefully sedap jugak la. hehee!)

then husbeng said his friend wants to come drop by to pick up something.
i didn't even sense anything weird about his behaviour. padahal he did several things weirdly.
i just thought dia ni buang tebiat ke apa.. hahahahha!! and about his friend, i just thought it'll be a short while, so i didn't bother preparing drinks or whatever. dah la pakai baju tido je. of course la sarung jubah neyu & tudung instant. buat apa nak melawa?

rupanyaaaa... "kawan" nak amik barang tu, WERE MY FRIENDS!!

no'in, ikram, tasha, adreen and nadim.. korang niii!!! sweet sangat tauuuu! i iz touching you knowww!

tasha played her guitar while they all sang happy birthday song for me, and i was on the sofa with nadrah saying "ARE YOU SERIOUS?? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? SERIOUSLYYY???"
and i cried. out of happiness of course!

i didn't expect anything at all, coz it's monday kot!!


they brought pizza, cupcakes and balloons too! =')

haha! nampak bersepah. memang pun!!

tak tangkap pulak gambar we all together!! wuwuuu..

thank you korang!! love you all!! tak sangka suami pun would be part of komplotting something like this behind my back. i really did not expect anything!

nadrah playing with the confetti. hehe! 

earlier today i got messages too from my friends and families, and even those who commented on instagram, facebook and twitter, even yesterday's blogpost! subhanallah.. i feel so blessed to be able to feel like this!

my mom, aunts and cousins too celebrated me boithday over lunch =')

pretending to blow candles. bahaha!!

nah, please help yourself to my 'birthday cake'!

thank you everyone yang wish, thank you for your prayers! may Allah swt reward you with much goodness! ='D

oh ya! it's our second year anniversary too!!

i sent husbeng a long message, and his reply was short. surprisingly, i wasn't annoyed or whatever (the old me would be annoyed), but i was laughing coz it's typical of him!

2 years of marriage taught me that some habits are really really hard to leave behind, but we should try to tolerate better with each other's bad habits. also, i've learnt to just let loose and don't focus on being a perfect wife, because i can never be one!
so instead of stressing over "why can't i cook like that woman in barefoot contessa??" or "i have to clean this house like crazy and do this, that, those, and ahhhhh!".
i just do whatever i can, at my own pace.

kalau rumah sepah, sorry. i penat. haha!

i learnt to divide my time better too. sometimes even i wondered how i made it this far without ending up in hospital with limbs all detached. hahahaa!
(nauzubillah min zalik!)

i can't wait to finish this last semester!
after i'm done with masters, i can finally focus on business and nadrah better, in sha Allah =D
ya Allah, permudahkan lah! 

anyway, another thing i've learnt from 2 years of marrying to this guy (haha!).
love isn't saying "i love you" everyday and night.
it isn't about holding each other's arms.
it isn't about looking into each other's eyes.
it isn't about feeling all nervous and blossoming when we look or touch each other.

love is willingness.
willing to tolerate, adapt, help each other, listen, accept each other's good and bad, and willing to sacrifice.

so yeah.
i hope we'll be able to stay willing for each other and our family.
insha Allah =')

thank you all for this lovely card!

may the year to come be better than the last. who knows what Allah SWT has planned for us. whatever it is, i hope that i'll have the strength and positivity to accept His qadr. in sha Allah.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

13 december punya story. oh ok.


WHAAAA?!? dah 2.30am?!?!

oh well.

i've been sleeping so late these past few weeks, it's no wonder i have panda eyes, even panda-er than ever.

alhamdulillah dah submit my second draft the other day, amidst being busy with La Kayena. counting stocks, beli kain, hantar tailors, in sha Allah 2015 will be a better year =)

anyway, today, eh, yesterday, husband decided to have an early birthday celebration for me (my birthday will be on Monday, and we both know nothing special's gonna happen. padahal it's also our 2nd year marriage anniversary).

takde celebrate mende pun.
just went to one utama, and he told me i can get anything i want, mainly shoes.
sebab dia kesian tengok my shoes.

i've been wearing my converse sneakers since early this year, and i've been wearing it everywhere. to formal occasions, through the rain, to classes, to interviews, everywhere.
the shoes seems to fit anything i wear, and that's why i like it so much.
i can't fit all my other shoes since i gave birth, which is really odd, coz usually kaki kembang during pregnancy, not after.
so i only have my converse, the only ones that fit really nicely. and i'm too lazy to buy more.
coz i did, and they got stolen.
so yeah.

kesian dia.. dah belacan.

so we were at one utama, and went around looking for shoes.
tapi entah la. the ones i really like didn't have my size.
out of disappointment, i went to forever21 and bought some tops and a plain palazzo. muahahaha!

just when i thought i'm done shopping, husband said he wants to look for a wallet to replace his old one. 

in the end, we both bought bags.

which weren't in our list.


oh well. rezeki. alhamdulillah! hhehehee!

after we shopped till husband dropped, we went to chill out at coffee bean. i wanted to go to secret recipe coz i wanna have a slice of 'birthday' cake. tapi sebab malas dah nak turun and it was already late, coffee bean pun coffee bean laaaa.

my birthday cake =')

nadrah dah start tateh-ing, so she's been throwing tantrums when we strap he in her stroller.
she wants to be freeeeeeeeeee~~

it's cute to see her walking like a penguin, with her arms wide open, under the sunlight, welcome to this place, i'll show you everythinggg! woah, lama gila tak dengar lagu tu.

where was i?
oh ya. she walks around with her arms wide open, and the penat part is when she wants to walk out of the place of our interest.
nak tukar direction dia payah sikit coz she's so determined. ahhaha!

she fell a few times, and me being the kind of person who laughs at myself, i laughed at her.
of course i pick her up and pujuk her.
but i'll laugh while doing it. hehe!

sorry nadrah kesayanganku!

want to share so much but my brain dah penat and my eyes are so heavyyyyy..

save them for next time la.

btw, today, 14th december, my cousin ami is getting married!!

ok i really need my beauty sleep pronto. i'm one of her bridesmaids!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We can Do More Lah


this is the 'social media' zaman. it used to be just social. like, physically. but now, people can socialise using media.
how time flies =')
facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, blog - either you have all, some or one of them. betul kan? hehe!

some people use their social media platforms as a way to generate income. that's clever, really!
and then you have these people who uses it as a platform for dakwah, for showcasing their talents (i like to stalk talented and skilful art-ists and doodlers heeeee), and so much more!

it's amazing~
i feel that more and more people are heading towards a good direction with their social medias. for example, there were some matters which i didn't know about raising a child. alhamdulillah, i have a friend in facebook who is a kindergarten teacher, and she shares so much stuff about kids! so from her, i've learnt a lot and i managed to apply some stuff with nadrah! =D

another example,
you know how sekarang, there are people sharing news about a child who needs financial help to do some operation or treatment?
by spreading it on social medias, in sha Allah, people can donate and the much needed financial aid tercapai. even if tak mampu nak derma, the fact that a person share the news, that's already an act of sedekah.
tapi sebenarnya even RM 1 pun boleh je derma =)
sama ada nak atau tidak je kan.

that's why i refuse to hear excuses like "i can't do much" or "i wish i can help, but.." or "i want to be a volunteer, but i don't know how..".
i mean, really??


everyone can make a difference.
even if it's just by using social medias. seriously!

cuma you have to know what you're standing up for, and really go for it.
no more procrastinating, ok?


there's a campaign going on too on facebook, where people share on what they want to do to help malaysians. it's a hashtag campaign called #DoMoreLah4Malaysia. brilliant. you can see more here.
recently, i saw a post by one of the participants:
"I am happy to #DoMoreLah4Malaysia
for charity and welfare homes that require funds to take care of disabled children and children with special needs
running a Facebook page or other social media channels, and being a photographer for NGO to help create public awareness and explore fundraising opportunities"
 - Jaslyn Loo
so you see?
Ms Jaslyn is a good photographer (i stalked her. bahahaha) and she's using that talent to spread awareness. i was just. wow.
it's so inspiring how she plans to use her ability and creativity to help others! so selfless!! terharu~ hehehe!

i encourage you to read more of the #DoMoreLah4Malaysia campaign, coz it's inspiring. and perhaps it can give you some idea on how you can contribute by using your social medias!

what i want to #DoMoreLah4Malaysia , i want to build an institution for the poor, the homeless, the refugees (eventhough they're not Malaysians, but they live here. so why not?), where they can learn a skill and hopefully be able to use it to earn a living.
in sha Allah..

so nanti ada campaign macam ni lagi, share la your ideas.
mana tau from that one idea, it'll become a reality because i believe that together, we can make a difference via digital media

For more information, visit www.digitalmalaysia.my

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3rd december. oh.



end of day 1 of #successale and alhamdulillah, it was a success!!

tomorrow is another day, and may Allah ease everything for us! in sha Allah~

anyway, i was so tired coz i slept so late last night, had little sleep and had been sitting and slumping all day, sampai my back hurts even when i lay down.
pastu tadi lepas solat isyak, i took nadrah and went into our room and had a little pillow talk.
coz, the whole day, nadrah was passed around from my mom, to my grandma and her helper, and then to my brother, and to me, and then to the helpers, etc etc, that i only played with her so little.
rasa kesian..
had to coz she likes to unpack and throw things around. hehehe!
'Bila sel sel otak berhubung' la tu. haha!

so when we had our pillow talk, as usual, nadrah will climb over me, slaps my face, shoves her finger into my nose or mouth, sings and dances, and then, tiba tiba i tersedar.

haha! i fell asleep, and she fell asleep on top of me!

i don't know how that's comfortable for her, but she must've been doing something sampai tertido in that area. hahaha!

kesiannnn tayanggg!

on a different side of the hill,
where the grass seems peculiar,

i've always wondered like how some people have high level OOTDs on instagram and all?
it's as if they all have personal photographers following them around everyday, capturing their 'moments' in their outfits.
i know ada yang husbands take the ootds for them. and i always wondered, how???

how do they do it?

i can't even convince my husband that taking ootd is good for branding!
when he takes my pictures, it's always in a 'whatever' manner. you know, angle, lighting, etc etc, hmph! apa dia kesah!
he takes a lot of pictures at a time, sampai i tak tau dia dah tangkap ke belum.
and if i'm not satisfied, it's not as if he'll try to do better the next time. -____-'
in the end, i resort to timers.

it's not because my husband is a husband. he's a man. a dude. cehlamak, macam cool la kan panggil dude. bahaha!
dudes just don't want to understand women's logic. they know it's too complicated and they're too lazy to put so much effort.

like me being a woman, whenever he starts talking about politics or something seriously boring (to me), i'd have that glazed look that annoys him. bukan sengaja pun!!
tak perasan pun tauuu!

but if your husband jenis yang layan your selfies, and your ootds, hamagaaaahhhh!
be extremely grateful!

and seriously, i've considered hiring a personal photographer.

but naaahhhh!!

duit tu baik i guna untuk La Kayena. hehe!

ok tu je ramblings for tonight!
good night, sleep tight!

Monday, December 1, 2014



biasa la.


kejap happy, kejap terluka, kejap angau, kejap menangis teresak esak. wahahha!

i told myself once upon not-so-long ago, to blog more often.
coz i have these memories that i want to remember, but then i procrastinate, and last last, i forget.
i have so many notebooks, kononnya nak jadi diary. in the end, it sits on my bookshelf, looking pretty. wahaha!

so anyway,

just now, we had dinner in ikano.
after dinner we went around shopping some stuff, then we went into a video store. hubs and i were looking around for some dvds of movies we wanted to watch but never got around to.
after some browsing, i dah malas, so nak keluar the shop with nadrah.
suddenly, the alarm went off!

i was just about the give the cashier the 'look' coz i didn't take anything, so is your tiang thingy sounding off?? when i saw nadrah holding several dvds in her hands!!

i did not see her grabbing anything!

and then she just looked at me innocently.

so i took the dvds from her quickly and put them on the shelf back, lantak lah salah tempat, and just get out of the shop sepantas kilat!

malu aku dibuatnya ='D

oh well.

people warned me about this phase.
the 'mengemas' stage.


when did you grow up nadrah?
yesterday you were still in my belly!

THE sacrifice


so a while back, a friend of mine shared an article about the sacrifices of a doctor. the list consisted stuff like sacrificing lepak time with friend and families, holidays, and apentah lagi i forgot. hehee..

i thought back then, housewives too sacrificed a lot. (tanak kalah tu! hehehe!)
one of them is being a mother, which any woman know what that's like - mothers put their child first. it's ok if the mother is hungry, as long as the child is well fed. no ELs, no bonuses, ah well, you get the gist.

and then recently my mom and i had a conversation, and she asked me about my sil. she graduated from med school and is now doing housemanship. we're all so proud of her =')

and suddenly, i felt a pang of sadness. i told mom that i'm sorry.. for not being able to make her proud.

i'm not a naturally smart person. i worked and pushed myself so hard to get good grades and graduate university so that i'll make my parents proud. i saw how they struggled for us.. so it's the only way i could repay them. i was so happy when they told me they were proud of me when i graduated from UTP. so i thought i'd be an engineer for the rest of my life and make them prouder. hahah ahah hahhhh... (gelak tak ikhlas)

it's natural kan when old people meet their friends, they all start asking each other about what their kids are doing. i imagine my parents would be very proud telling their friends that i'm an engineer. not that being proud is wrong! they deserved a lot of credit for raising us so well!
but now that i'm not an engineer, and just a housewife with a starting business, hmmmm.. i don't know... i don't want people to think they didn't raise me well enough or whatever.

i asked mom if she's ok with me being a housewife.
but then.. if i'm her, i'd want me to continue being an engineer, to be honest.

alhamdulillah though, she's cool about my choice in life, and good thing the abusive and crazy caretakers videos helped me make her see and accept it easier! hehehehee =p

anyway, in the end, the one sacrifice i think that's hard for me to make..

..is being able to make my parents' proud.

maybe it'll take a while before i get to, but till then.. all i can do now is tawakkal and do my best =)
in sha Allah.