Wednesday, July 23, 2014

of recent events.



tahun ni, memang pelik.

wait, i think pelik is not the right word.. more like, challenging.

i think we all have our own personal issues to deal with, which is no surprise - we keep on changing! it's inevitable to have personal issues, kan? but what i'm talking about now is the unfortunate events we malaysians are facing this year.

i think it's most challenging for our PM.
i don't know what it truly feels like to be under the microscope, with people from all over the world are just observing and waiting to criticise, since the missing airplane MH370, but i bet it doesn't feel like sunshines and rainbows.

up till today, MH 370 is still lost.
speculations and rumours remained unproven because there are no evidence whatsoever.

malaysia and malaysians are bashed from every sides, just because.

and then, the visit of Obama.

honestly, i was never his supporter.
i never liked american government. i followed Vigilant Citizen (check them out: and i sort of know what illuminati is.
it's really scary. their focus is brainwashing us into thinking that "the end of the world" needs to be partied off and not repent, to have one world order, to have one person to rule the world.
in short, they are inviting dajjal.

i know this has nothing to do with our country's current situation, but having Obama in malaysia made me scared because i thought it might mean that americans think they have gained access into our country.

i do not want to malaysia to be another iraq.

i might be overboard into thinking such, but hey. being a mom, i want to have security and protection from any kinds of harm for my family. i think everyone can relate to that, regardless you are married or not, have families or not. we all don't want to be defenceless and then rely on people who said they would help, but didn't. and yes, i do think to the extreme because i am paranoid like that.

nauzubillah min zalik! nauzubillah min zalik.

and in this holy ramadhan, gaza is being attacked mercilessly by the damned zionists.

zionists. illuminati.


it's so obvious now to the point that the world is starting to see what obama truly is: a hypocrite.
all over the world, people make protests against the genocide, even in america! but yet, zionists will still make it seem as if they are the victims.
they are using the media to cover up the truth, they use reporters to give biased reports, they use obama to stand for their "rights to defend themselves".

but do you really think we're that blind, ha zions?
do you really think people can stay ignorant for long?

the internet is useful nowadays. and it doesn't help you much, zions.

and very recent, the shooting of MH 17.

how can anyone be so cruel as to shoot down a commercial flight?
many planes went through the same course as MH 17, and it's not as if a person can't differentiate a commercial plane and an army plane, kan?

of course, speculations went flying all over, some saying it's a way of creating "war sparks" between america and russia.

i do not know the details nor truth yet, but in sha Allah, soon all will be revealed.

in sha Allah soon, everything will be revealed.

Allah is The Almighty. He gave us this tests, these events (eventhough very unfortunate and sad) to remind us who has The Power to change all situations, to show us the real enemies, to bring us closer as an ummah, and He provided us with knowledge, means of getting knowledge, and the inspiration and strength to fight.

i remember when i went to TOPS by aqsa syarif.
i wanted so badly to go to Palestine myself. but masa tu, tak cukup dana and i couldn't contribute anything, so some people suggested i collect donations instead.
ye la, kalau gi sana duk menyemak je buat apa kan? i tak reti nak jahit stitch on a  wound, or make the israel army had over their weapons and run away. lebih elok kalau i can help increase their supplies untuk kegunaan kat sana.

so now, what's the point of this blogpost?
i'm just so sad of what's happening right now, and i just thought we should share precaution.

our muslim brothers and sisters who are victimised because they are standing in the name of Allah SWT and Nabi Muhammad SAW, they need us. they need our help and our prayers.

the sunni syrians. the rohingya muslim. the chinese muslims in xinjiang.
i love them so much for their strength.
i can only imagine, and i imagine that it would be scary if men in uniforms stand at my front door with their guns pointed at me and my family, and tell me to leave islam or else, they'll shoot.

nauzubillah min zalik.

i pray that if ever that time comes.. i would choose to be a martyr.
just like our heroes.


ps: sorry for my extreme imagination!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

pasti terliur~

assalamualaikum kecayangans!

i hope you can forgive me for this post.
if you're not up for shopping this month, then i suggest you don't continue reading.
i'm serious!

biasanya la kan..
biasanya masa bulan puasa ni, ada yang ajak berbuka ramai-ramai. betul kan?
officemates ke, family ke, friends, usrahmates, etc etc - mesti akan ada la berbuka puasa session together!

i ada nak share this website where you can shop *lightly* because their stuff are really cheaper than most online shops i've been to.
and even their service pun laju gak!

they accept COD ok!
and orders boleh sampai within 24hours!

the website is~

i think you mesti dah familiar with the website. if you haven't heard of it, sila ke website itu SEKARANG.

i'm not that fashionable pun, i know you know that, tapi meh i share sikit mix n' matching tips!

here goes!
Outfit 1

Bag: RM 33.90

ha amik kau! murah kan?

sebab peach top tu soft sangat colour dia, so match kan la dengan a soft coloure-ed tudung. here, i pakai tudung bawal warna lilac, and black skirt. simple je kan?

ada lagiiiii!

Outfit 2

Purple Loose Chiffon Top (kebaya-ish with free brooch): RM 46.90
Same bag as Outfit 1: RM 33.90

outfit ni memang paling sempoi. 
pakai je black inner and skirt, ataupun pakai jubah or maxi dress kat dalam, and then sarung chiffon top ni. match it with a plain colour-ed tudung and a flowery bag - voila!
jom berbuka! hehehehee =p

wait waiiiittt! one more!

Outfit 3


Bow bag: RM 38.90

ni sesuai untuk orang jiwa remaja!
sebab i ni sudah dalam category mak-mak orang, so pakai style ni rasa macam WALAUWEI I AM NOT REMAJA ANYMORE!
tapi sebagai tips, bila pakai baju yang ada pattern, padankan ngan simple skirt, plain tudung (or tudung yang pattern about the same) and a cute bag, and you're good to go!

korang tau la kan, i ni memang pakai sesimple boleh.
personally, i just like wearing clothes yang comfortable, presentable, and does not make me feel conscious, and by that, i mean, ada one time i pakai baju yang atas bontot (ok malu). masa tu panas.
pastu pakai skirt.
pastu berpeluh.
pastu.... skirt... melekat kat bontot.

ok malu.

tapi that's what i meant when i said i wear clothes that doesn't make me feel conscious.
penat kot! nak adjust adjust balik la, pastu tanya kawan "eh kowang, nampak line spender i tak?" - know what i mean? lagi lagi masa gi open house orang nak beraya ke, orang berbuka puasa reramai kan.
hahaha =p

sekarang pun musim panas, therefore i strongly recommend everyone to wear light and comfortably. =)

mana nak dapat baju light, comfy and MURAH? check them all out at ok!


so bulan Ramadhan ni boleh dapat free delivery dengan pembelian minimum RM 48. nak tau lebih, baca SINI

Happy shoppinggggg!
(told you kalau tanak shopping jangan baca. kihkihkih! sorry buat korang terjebak!)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Adra La Kayena

Assalamualaikum weirdoz!

ok memandangkan sudah lewat malam, i'll make this short and straight to the point!

few months ago, i had a search for models for La Kayena.
i did it over instagram/twitter/facebook and fuhhhh!
beribu riban yang hantar emails!

i punya requirements sangat simple.
tak perlu ada experience, tak kisah height or skin colour or flawless skin etc, and tak kira bangsa (asalkan faham konsep islam, modesty, cukup ok).

i guess because of this, a lot of people tried out!
mashaAllah, over the emails, macam macam character dapat kenal.
it's kinda fun, sebab lain orang, lain "kerenah" kan.

several types of people i've "met" are:
1. yang takde kata kata aluan. just send details, and that's it. no "assalamualaikum!", no title on the email, no "thank you", nothing. just details. i'm sorry to say, tapi orang yang bagi details camni je, i tak put much effort in knowing them. bukan apa, it's adab kan. and i hope if you're one of them yang hantar email camni, please... don't be offended, rather, please try and change ek! this is for your own good! bila nak cari kerja, nak cari rezeki, sekurang-kurangnya tunjukkan respect and adab =)

2. yang sangat experienced. i rasa malu lak sebab korang experienced sangat. hehe! thank you sangat sebab sudi try-out. although you all memang pandai posing bagai, tapi i think boleh la bagi chance kat orang lain kan =B

3. sangat friendly! alhamdulillah, category ni memang ramai. it was fun reading your emails yang set my spirits up!

actually ada banyak lagi, tapi i said i want to keep this short and straightforward kan. heeeee~

so all in all, from thousand over emails and personalities, i've shortlisted to a few, and from the ones shortlisted, i've chosen 5 girls =)

these girls are eager to dakwah, and i, i hope to be able to help them reach to as many people as they can. we all strive for Jannah, so what better way than to use the internet as our medium kan!

please dearies, i urge you all to head on to:

where these lovely girls, also known as Adra La Kayena, share their thoughts and ilmu  =)

should you have any questions and need some enlightenment, please leave your questions or comments at the blog or email at
your identity shall be kept private if you want.

we will do our best to help and provide =)

love you lillahi taala!

ps: here's a Ramadhan checklist! hope it benefits, in sha Allah =)

happy fasting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

KKBOX : cara support local music industry dengan halal

Assalamualaikum weirdos!

coz you read my blog.

anyway, i posted this on instagram the other day:

Arjuna Beta by Fynn Jamal =')

i thought i yang slow when it comes to apps. rupanya, i boleh tahan hipsterz =p hehehehe!
so ok, let me share with you all la pasal apps ni.

it's called KKBOX.
i guna iphone, so appstore memang ada la. and i think for android users pun ada. cepat download, cepat!

now that you dah download kat your phone, now let me tell you: you can also have them on your computer! ha cepat download kat SINI !

ok, good. you have KKBOX in your phone and computer. well guess what. you can download them on your tablet or ipad!! ha download la lagiii! hahahahaaha!

semua device ko hado, ha semua tu la ko download ye!

orait. now let me story you about this apps okeng?

apps ni macam online radio la, tapi version yang ada local music, and you can have your own playlist. so instead of dengar what the radio plays for you, you can just search what you want to listen in KKBOX. simple kan?
the best part of this, they have lyrics! tapi take note la, ada some songs yang takde lyrics gak, and ada yang salah gak. hehe!
facourite songs - check!
lyrics - check!

ADA LAGI! you allsss, we can chat and connect with our favourite artists!
i tak chat lagi ngan diorang sebab malas nak online, but if you want, you can just follow your fave artists, and when they're online, you boleh dengar the songs they're listening to, and chat with them while you're at it.

tanak pun takpe~
kalau you all rasa your songs ni kena ngan feeling or mood masa tu, you can also share them kat facebook or twitter.

cool kan apps ni?

i'm still on the 7 days free trial, tapi when it's over, i'm still gonna sign up. Nadrah loves Maher Zain it seems.
it's just RM 1 per day, RM 4.90 for 7 days, and RM 14.90 for 30 days.

so far, i dah ada all Yuna's albums, Maher Zain's, Fynn Jamal and even W.A.R.I.S

i bukannya minat sangat rap songs pun, tapi i download lagu W.A.R.I.S tu pun sebab i suka tengok lyrics dia pastu try sing-a-long.
SUSAH WEH BAHASO NOGOGHI! sebab tak biasa lagi. hehe!

haritu, husbeng and i had a rap battle ngan lagu ni. tengok sape paling flawless rap nogoghi. 
obviously dia menang!! dia orang somban yo! i rap sikit pastu tanya dia, apa maksud ni, apa maksud tu. kompem la kalah. =p

you all pun give it a try la!
experience it with your family and friends. atau nak practise karok ke.. it's up to you!
hehe =)

have fun trying out the apps!

ps: I ada buat giveaway KKBOX 7-days-trial pack. Cuma perlu sign up kat sini je kayhh! tunggu ape lagi!! Ada 20 untuk giveaway je =)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ola Bola!

Assalamualaikum sayangs!

i have 2 things i look forward to this month.

Ramadhan (Ramadhan kareem everyone!) and FIFA World Cup.

yup, world cup pun i layan.
bukan tengok pun actually, but since i'm staying with my family, and the boys just love watching football matches of "their" teams, i pun terikut jugak. terikut fefeeling la.
ngeeee =B

have you ever seen fanatic fans with their faces painted to their favourite team's colour?

macam ni?

ha ni la baru boleh mengaku fanatic-fan-like-crazy kan! =p

i'm not that much of a football fan, so i won't paint my face.
but i don't mind painting my face virtually =B

check out Olabola and get your face painted! 
just choose "your team" and support them by getting your face painted, set it as your profile picture and cover photo, and be part of the largest face-painting drive in Malaysia!

ingat itu je ke korang dapat?
tut tut tut.
ada lagii!!

you can win prizes with the Fantasy Football Olabola edition where you pick your players and manage your team! click HERE to understand and participate k!
1st prize is RM 5000, PS4 and FIFA 14 GAME!! tak ke banyak tuuuu!
2nd prize is RM 3000, PS4 and FIFA 14 Game, and 3rd prize is RM 1000, PS4 and FIFA 14 Game.

Besar besar prize diorang!

lagi satu korang boleh join is the Bring Home a Foosball Table in the Olabola Football Predictor App. you can show off your prediction skills (kata terror kan) real time during the world cup.  

ok, back to the face painting thing =p

i dah try dahhhh~ nak tengok?

jeng jeng!!


baby Nadrah is a Brazil fan!!
what about you?

Whose side will you take?

housewives, this is for you


Haritu ada potosut kat rumah for majalah keluarga.

i wore my Paisley Red set from La Kayena, of choz =p

anyway, i realised that (as i was answering the questions from Emi tudung colourful itew), i have nothing particularly special to share.

what i do most of the time is tending to Nadrah.
yes, i have a business to run and studies to finish, but for-real-for-real, most of my time is spent being a mother.

sometimes, i don't even know apa je i buat sampai rasa penat at the end of the day. bahahaaha!

so this is a shout out to all housewives!
you might feel unappreciated, lonely, tired, depressed, and sad.
trust me, we all have a dose of that sometimes.

BUT! don't allow these feelings to hold you for long.
tell your hubs about it, and even if they don't understand or know how to help you, at least, let that tightness off your chest. cry as much as you want (or can)! you are allowed to! sing your favourite songs, watch your favourite movies or spoil yourself with a tub of ice cream. i don't judge. i promise! i understand you =)

and you, you must know this:
you're doing such a good job. an awesome job!
while everyone who's working gets recognition, gets to "reward" themselves, you have sacrificed all your worldly desires just so that you can raise your child(ren)!
i know you want to feel appreciated once in a while, i know you want to feel significant in the world, i know you want to feel like you've accomplished something so awesome.

your children will appreciate you, in sha Allah!
you are significant in the world! you are the Best Teacher for your kids! no other teachers can teach as best as you! and you have accomplished something awesome, you're shaping a generation of intelligent and thoughtful people! that's a tough job!

here's to you, being such a Hero.
you're amazing =')

May Allah SWT grant you Paradise and place you among the martyrs for your Jihad.

i love you lillahi taala =)

senyum senyum la ye! ihiks!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

engagement: necessary or not?


alhamdulillah my friend got engaged last weekend =)
it was simple & nice, and the best part was the chocolate cake! *drool*
ok tak. it was meeting up with friends again! woohoo!

actually, i have been meaning to share my thoughts about engagement.
but then, me being me, bila procrastinate, lama lama lupa. ihiks!

so! without further ado, here's what i think about engagement!! - just so you know, this is based only on my experience, it has nothing to do with my friend(s) and it is not exactly accurate. in the end, it's all up to you! =) -

1. necessary if your families have never met, not friends on facebook/instagram/whatever social medias. from the engagement, at least both parents get to meet each other, and sedikit sebanyak know each other's backgrounds. this is important because soon-to-be-in-laws need to be able to get along with your parents and you, duh - and you'll have a peace of mind too! ;)

2. necessary for your parents to officially and intimately know your partner.

3. not so necessary if both parents know each other like best friends, and treat you & your partner as if you guys are married already (as in, dah macam anak sendiri laaa).

4. necessary if on arranged marriage. (but depends on family punya terms. some ok kalau kahwin terus)

5. necessary if the girl likes rings. after engagement, dia ada 1 more ring to look forward to. ok jokingggggg! sometimes the girl needs reassurance and confirmation that the guy is serious about their relationship and wants to end up marrying each other, but need time to accept and adjust to the idea of getting married. ha gituuu.

6. necessary if the couple live so far apart. example, girl studies in UK, guy works in KL. tapi both from Malaysia la. then girl balik KL, get engaged, and then balik UK habiskan studies sambil tunjuk bling bling kat kengkawan. "moy fiance is just soow sweet! he skoypes mey every noight!" ececececehhhhh! =p

7. not so necessary if the couple live so far apart. example, girl studies in UK, guy works in KL. tapi both from Malaysia la. if the guy kerja dah steady, then kahwin terus jeeeeeee =p pastu honeymoon kat UK la. save cost! ihikkk!

8. necessary if you need time to save money.

9. not so necessary if you need the money.

10. necessary if your parents said so.

i think 10 is good enough!
hehheee =p

truth be told, engagement is not all about the ceremony. it is a lot about getting to know your partner & his/her family better. when we become someone's "almost wife/husband", we probably (without realising it) will change. and that period la bila shaitan nirojim suka nak mengapi-apikan keadaan and make us doubt on the relationship.
girls, your PMS would probably be worse than before. guys, you probably feel pressured to reach your goals as soon as you can.
things like this could happen. coz it sorta happened to me! kihkihkih!

so apa nak buat masa tu?
istighfar banyak banyak, buat solat istikharah every night if you must - ask for His blessings in your relationship and His guidance, busy yourself with activities yang bermanfaat and ultimately, buy jubah from La Kayena.
ok kidding.
ultimately, prepare yourself for your marriage and marriage life. go get your docs ready, wali, tok kadi, learn the roles of a wife/husband - follow the Prophet's way if can, and chill.
engagement takde pape sangat. nak kahwin yang nerve-wrecking ball sikit. hehe!

oh well. it was all over so soon for me. can't believe i have a baby dah. hahahahahaha! rasa cam baruuuuuu je lepas grad. over kan? =p

what tis, what tis thing eh?

looks like something..i can my mouth



oh yang shawl pink terbang terbang tu la kawan ku yang baru engezed.

tak ready sebenarnya but vatevaahh! awkward posture makes my hips look awkward but vatevahhhh!
i wore:
shawl hitam yang bapak lama ada sampai berlobang dah
Sufyaa pleated black dress and Melly & Nicky green kimono cardi from FashionValet

that's is all. all is vell.
ok so that's my take on engagement. like i said, it depends on you jugak in the end. nak buat boleh, tak buat boleh. benda ni bukan wajib pun. takde gempa bumi or ribut taufan la kalau tak buat. and takde la hujan batu kalau buat jugak.
chill k?
bawak berbincang with your family & your partner.

itu je nasihat & pendapat aqaqmars.
kalau ada pape nak add on, leave your comment! and sesiapa yang nak opinion extra tu, baca la comment ya!

hope this benefits you! hehe!
salamun salamun kamiskil khitam, 'alaikum uhaibaa banaa yaa kiraam ~~

ps: pepandai la korang adjust sendiri nak buat engagement tu macam mana, kalau buat. tak perlu so judgemental about others yang buat mewah, mahupun low profile. like i said, it isn't about the ceremony sekarang ni. it's about the engagement itself. =)