Saturday, May 23, 2015

sakit hati 2 hala


these past few months, i rasa i've been slapped across the face many times.

because i trusted people who didn't value me the way i value them.

when i was in school, i was backstabbed, betrayed, and been the object for gossiping, that i developed this kind of mask when i'm in public.
i built a wall, high enough that people won't know the real me, but low enough that we can still be friends.
i never wanted to have best friends, because that would mean they know things about me. my secrets, my pet peeves - basically things about me that they can use against me. i've been betrayed kan, so i don't ever want to go through the pain again. my so called bffs revealed my secrets, turned against me and somehow got people to hate me. which was really stupid and seriously, takde motif kot. macam bongok je buat camtu kan korang. huh. (sorry ter-emo pulak. but then this whole post is emo. huuuu)

ok, anyway, it took me seriously, a really really long time to open up again. i mean, to allow people to  know the real me. takde la lain sangat from the mask. but to open up and share my fears, hopes and dreams, things like that, it was really difficult kot dulu. alhamdulillah, now ok la.

now, these past months... i just found out that friends whom i thought were my real friends, have been talking behind my back, and using me.. and Allah je la tau.

since i masuk in this business industry, it's like i've entered a new realm.
there are sooooo many people who claims to build their business for some good-natured intentions, but their actions say otherwise.

and then tu la. they say they're friends with me, but then? talk behind my back and stuff. aiyo.
i thought benda ni zaman skolah je..

what's worse, i know they talked about me, gossiped about me, but i have to pretend i know nothing of it, and just act normal. padahal rasa nak nangis kot.

"i trusted youuuuu!!!" sambil pegang collar baju dia and shake dia back and forth.
"sampai hati youuuuu!" pastu lap hingus, and pusing and run masuk kereta.
 - what i feel like doing.
drama kan? hahahahaha!

i'm not used to this new realm. sebab masa belajar dulu, my friends and i were kinda straightforward. when i worked as an engineer, everyone was so frank, they tell you off in your face. tak-kuasa-nak-cakap-belakang kind of attitude. i remember masa keje dulu, if i don't like you, i make you know it, but that's it la. takde nak jatuhkan ke, nak buruk burukkan ke. respect tu masih ada la.

so that's why i feel like it's a big deal for me.

dalam masa yang sama....
when i found out what these people did behind my back, i got angry. and then, just a few nights ago, i was wondering if ever i did what they did to me.

have i backstabbed anyone? gossiped? did i reveal someone's secret?

sometimes we might have done something wrong too to deserve this. problem is, i don't remember.

and it's not just me. it's us all in general.

we can check other people's behaviour, their attitude, their sins, etc, but when it comes to us? it's like we hijab ourselves tau.

macam tak betul je.

contohnya si A kata "i tak suka si B tu. dia poyo je. cakap buat keje sebab ikhlas, tapi buat terang terangan so that orang puji. ikhlas la sangat."

padahal si A pun sama naik je. dia pun duk post gambar kat instagram, cakap "kitorang baru spend RMxxxx untuk tolong orang ni. moga Allah berkati usaha kami"

sama la kan? mengata orang, tapi tak check diri sendiri. that's what i mean when i said that we hijab ourselves..

sakit tu sakit la. tapi what to do? i pun takde la baik sangat. sebaik mana i try to be, i always fall and bruise myself because i tripped over my own words and actions. and thoughts. and feelings. oh gosh... being a female is so complex kan? baaaaaaaaaahahahah (gelak serious tak ikhlas)

so i'm sharing this as a reminder to myself and to all of you that, well.. as good as we try to be, sometimes we need those painful experiences to remind us that:
1. takyah bajet sangat laaaaaa! chill sudahhhhhh! - we're not that good.
2. we might've done something wrong unintentionally and accidentally.
3. the pain is a reminder to not do the same thing to others.
4. we need to be more careful with ourselves and the people we keep as company.
5. i should trust husband more. coz his instincts ni sometimes boleh diharapkan. bahahaha! - ni for me. =p

ummm.. so.. yeah.

astaghfirullah al adzim... may Allah forgive us all sebab kita buta when it comes to us...
nauzubillah min zalik... ya Allah tolong jauhkan dan lindungi kami dari penyakit hati...

i bet some of you dah lali kan benda ni? hebat sangat sebab korang boleh bersabar! may Allah reward you dunia and akhirat! sesungguhnya orang yang bersabar ni la dapat banyak reward kan!

i hope to be among the patient people. heeeeee.. it'll take some time la kot. but in sha Allah. =') wuwuuuu..

sorry for this ramblings. if you have any advice ke or things to share, you know i love to read them! sila sila =)
thanks for reading! and thanks for... you know... understanding =')

ps: title of the post is sakit hati 2 hala because i was initially hurt by what happened to me, and then i sakit hati ngan diri sendiri sebab sendiri pun tak betul. wahahahaa! pompuan. biasa lah. lagi complex dari shopping complex. =p

Friday, May 1, 2015

11 Advices for start-up businesses

assalamualaikum wbt,

moga Allah melimpahkan rahmatNya keatas kita semua yang sangat entahpape..

nak tido sebenarnya, tapi sebab hal kojo, gigihkan mata untuk bukak dari tadi, sampai sekarang ni, dia takmo tutup pulak. amboi mata.

i rarely share my business stories in my blog or any other social medias.
usually i share them with people i meet in person.

and of course, mostly to my husband.

to be completely honest and transparent sampai nampak darah mengalir through my veins, eww, it's hard work.
many days and nights i've been fighting over myself for the things i want to do vs things i should do vs things i must do.

as any human being in this planet, i get torn between the roles i play in current life.
wife, mom, entrepreneur.

it's just three, yeah, but for me, it's a lot.

i love reading, but now i don't know what to read.
Temper Your Child's Tantrums?
Likeable Social Media?
Or some novel i found on Wattpad?

and then there's the physical tiredness.
main main dengan nadrah, mandikan dia, bagi dia makan, tidokan dia, buat keje - promote barang kat social medias, beli kain, hantar kain ke tailor, pikiaq designs whatsoever, etc etc, then masak, kemas rumah, lipat baju, OHHH the horror!

i'm so glad my masters have completed. dulu lagi rasa nak muntah.
tapi dulu nadrah tak jumpa kaki dia, so it was less tiring taking care of nadrah... now she weighs like our huge luggage when we travelled.... bahahaha! =p

so business isn't as easy as you'd think. a lot of effort and heart needs to be poured into it so that people can feel the earnestness, and the love i want to share through clothing.
without further ado, here are some of my advices that i obtain from my experience thus far!


1. if you have a partner for your business, cepat sujud syukur, sebab seriously, a partner is the FIRST and i think the ULTIMATE thing you need.

2. kalau takde partner, pe cite? ok, if you're doing this solo, pray A LOT that Allah will eventually provide you with people you can work with and you can trust, coz trust me, it's not easy to do everything on your own (mungkin awal awal boleh, tapi bila rezeki bertambah, alhamdulillah, you need help), and when you found them, cepat sujud syukur! ponek weh buat sendiri i tells yew.

3. always have a contingency plan. maksudnya, always have PLAN B, C, D, alpha, beta, une, rene, etc. and this goes for all aspect of your business. from design, product, working team, etc. contohnya, opps! website crash! cane ni? oh ya, ada email! boleh take orders from email. oh ya, aku ada format yang boleh customer copy paste bila buat order. wahhh sistematiknya! gituhh.

4. if you're like me, having a start-up business with a child on your hip, prioritising is one of my advice, and also, balance. be fair to everything and everyone. i am one of those moms yang taknak tengok phone or whatever gadgets sangat depan anak. but i admit, more often than i ought to, i do tengok my phone and gadgets. it hurts me to do so, but it had to be done. some tasks can't wait. in this case, i try to compensate my lack of attention to nadrah by taking her out the next day or any free day. when we're out, i tend to forget to look at my phone. also, i dedicate my weekends to spending time with my family. it's not the best plan in the world, but so far, alhamdulillah, boleh la.

5. discuss with your husband/partner about your situation if you have too many things to handle that you can't do certain tasks. like me, i sometimes leave the cleaning up till the end of the week because i'm too tired on weekdays. alhamdulillah husband is ok with it, and he helps around too when he can.
alhamdulillah too, seponek poneknya, boleh jugak masak and kemas kemas rumah.

6. always record your finance. i have a book where i put everything in it. receipts, designs, measurements,  sample kain, pricing, activity duit, etc. easier that way coz when i go fabric hunting ke apa, i ada all my previous receipts to refer to. senang nak compare price, and tau kalau kena tipu ke tak. baahahahaaa =p
but seriously. better korang pun buat camtu.

7. make friends, no matter what they do. seriously. even makcik cleaner would turn out to have some useful contacts and information for us. "tapi... i tak reti la nak berkawan..." kata awak. chill babe. buat kawan memang la susah for some, tapi you chose to do business kan? so you have to learn to adapt and let it go, let it go, i'm one with the wind and sky~ ok? you can do this =)

8. learn and continue learning. some of you lebih selesa membaca to gain knowledge, others prefer having a mentor. whatever it is, go on learning. i takde langsung background business, so i buy books, watch videos on youtube, ask friends and families, ask husband, follow some influential people on facebook, ig, etc, and i did a lot of trial and error. teruskan usaha anda! anggap learning ni as jihad =) in sha Allah ada berkatnya kat situ.

9. i saw ramai orang kata sedekah ialah kunci rezeki. to me, yes it is. but it's not the only way to receive rezeki. kena paham ye you alls, rezeki comes in many forms. a reliable partner or staff is a rezeki, kawan or keluarga yang boleh tolong is a rezeki, anak yang pandai main sendiri is a rezeki, dan macam macam lagi! nak ajak rezeki, ajak la. buat solat dhuha, solat awal waktu, ingat ingat Allah, bersyukur atas nikmat yang diberi free free je, baca Quran, sedekah, whatever you can do, just do it. in the end, Allah yang beri kata putus, nak kasi rezeki dalam bentuk wang ke, kawan ke, hati yang bersih ke. itu up to Him. and then, whatever Dia kasi kita, kita bersyukur saja. don't put your expectations that what you gave (sedekah duit) will come to you immediately. teruskan je beribadah, tapi USAHA tu pun kena teruskan.
please don't think you dah sedekah je you don't need to do anything else dah. like tiba tiba je your product dah kat depan pintu siap dibungkus all ready to be sent out. sorry, it's not like that.

10. work within your means. maksudnya, kalau contohnya nak buat baju, pastu tailor kata minimum dia amik ialah 50pcs. if you can afford it, proceed. if you can't, find other ways to do your business. cari la tailor yang boleh amik minimum 20pcs ke, ataupun beli borong kat kenanga mall dulu ke. jangan sampai ada hutang dengan sesiapa. kata nak jual "muslimah apparel" tapi tak jaga relationship dengan orang, ada hutang dan menyusahkan orang lain. tak muslim la kan?

11. trust your instincts. i used to not trust my instincts, but since i had nadrah, i learnt that there's a difference between instincts and paranoia. sometimes kita ingat kita buruk sangka, but try to be partial, and pray that Allah strengthen your instincts. it might be that Allah is answering our prayers through our instincts.

ok. for now this is all i can think of. if i have more, i'll try to record them as fast as i can.
so sorry if ada kekurangan... i do hope though that these advices are useful =)
if you have anything you'd like to share, please do! it's always nice to read what you have to share =)
i pun baru je nak masuk 2 tahun buat business. takde la matang mana kan. so i'm very open to advices!

ok dearies!
that's all from me!

i should be sleeping. nyeh.

my business is also my baby. tapi nadrah is my favourite baby. bahahahaa favouritismmmm

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mehndi & Wedding in Manchester


so let's get on with Part 2!

it was my first time witnessing the pakistani wedding tradition.
i didn't know what to expect.
when my cousins got engaged, we only saw the pictures, and i was already confused.

here in Malaysia, when we get engaged, the mother of our future husband is the one who puts the ring on her future daughter in law.

but it's different with them.

the future husband puts the ring on his future bride.
in front of a lot of people.

i wonder what's it like for the muslims in China, arab countries, and everywhere else la.
heeeeeee.. curious gak kan!

anyway, i missed the Henna Night, or as we call it, malam berinai.
i thought it would be like how our malam berinai would be. but mom said it was like a night of partying politely in my cousin's house.

then there's Menhdi. which is a different version of malam berinai.

jeng jeng jennnnngggggg!!!

the set, it's AMAZING!
the theme was moroccan, and it was on point! (i always see people commenting this: your *this* is on point! your *that* is on point! nak join the 'on point' club too mehehehe)

that day, nadrah was a bit jetlagged. it was only 6pm and she was already ready to sleep through into the night. i was worried because i want to sleep normally by then. and if she's going to wake up in the middle of the night, i know i won't get my sleep. she's the sort yang tak suka tengok orang tido.

so the mehndi was held at the hilton hotel.
and plannya camni.
my cousin tasha will come to the hotel entrance in a horse carriage, and we, the bffs and family girls will escort her in with candles in our hands.

it sounds so cool, the entrance.
problem was, we had to wait for her outside, and it was windy like crazy.
the candles couldn't stand it. they were quickly blown out..
and i was shivering too. 

but we escorted her anyway. heee! best tau tengok tasha naik carriage macam cinderella, and then she climbs out where the boys held this piece of cloth above her head covering her like its an umbrella, like how we malays hold up bunga mangga.
and then we girls follow them from behind.

then we enter the hall with tasha and the boys leading. and then we placed the candle thingy on the stage.

dramatic gila la entrance dia. 

after that, we waited for the guy to come. it took them about an hour, and i was already sleepy, still jetlagged.

when the guy arrived, he was serenaded with loud drumming, and i was glad, coz i almost snoozed. haha! nadrah, on the other hand, was still comfortably sleeping in her stroller, even with the loud drumming going on! hebat ok.
and i'm sorry sayang. i didn't want you to sleep through, and i didn't want you to miss out on this 'party'. i had to wake you up.

ummi: nadrah, smile!
nadrah: *no. whatevs*


white girls dancing for a pakistani party. bahahaha!

from my observation, mehndi night is like bersanding. relatives go up the stage where the future husband & wife sat, and bless them. kita baling daun daun kan, diorang kasi makan something sweet, and then threw some splashes of water on their faces.

nadrah, nak share tak cupcakes ni? =p

ummi. i found this thing on the floor.

you can have it coz it seems useless for me.

gee, thanks nadrah. hehe!

after the whole blessing ceremony, the food came and it was delicious! briyani diorang memang ada UMPH! seriously, just the rice would suffice. no need for kuah dal or whatever. but with the dal, it was 100times better! sedap gila!

i really really love indian food.

we left at around 10pm-ish. couldn't stay longer, padahal that's when the "party really started" as my cousin irfan said. thanks irfan, but no thanks. we were so tired already.
(it was the day we went to Old Trafford).

the end for mehndi night!


jeng jeng!

jeng jeng!

jeng dejeng jeng jennnnggggg!

jeng dejeng jeng dejeng jeng jenggggg!!!!

crazy details kan!?!?
i wish i could show my tasha's wedding attire. it was heavily beaded and embellished with the riches colours of red, black, gold and blinged up like crazy that if the place it blacked out, her blings would give light. memang shining shimmering spleeennndiiidddd~

before the wedding started, we all had to wait outside at the foyer. serenaded by a string quartet, nadrah couldn't hold her inner ballerina. i posted a video of her dancing to the songs on instagram =B
i don't know where she learnt twirling, but mom said, i was like that when i was about her age. i would dance whenever i hear good music.

here's a secret.
i was offered to participate in "So You Think You Can Dance" many times. but i declined. coz, you know. modesty.
if you believe me, well. don't. coz i was just joking. mueheheheheeeee =p

nadrah & ummi enjoying the music =)

Ya Allah, Nadrah! where are you going?!

nadrah's bodyguards

for a wedding, i was wearing the least vibrant colours of all.

Jubah Shazfa in Dark Green

so festive -_-

in my defense, i wanted to pack a baju kurung songket i just got, but it turns out, i couldn't walk in it coz the kain was too tight at the ankle T_T 
and i had to wear green because:
1. i love green
2. i wanted to match with nadrah
3. too lazy to think of any other colour
4. bag was too full already. sukahati laaaaa!

oh well. heheeee =)

i am so grateful i get to witness the nikah!
it was beautiful!

i didn't understand most part of it coz they were speaking in urdu, but you just know what they're talking about. i was there, i thought, i know what that felt like.

the nikah was like this:
the girl and her bridesmaids, and family are in a room, not in the hall, and the imam sits down with her and lay all the terms and conditions apply, and then she says "ji", and then that's it.

the girl signs the papers and stuff, then the imam head to the guy who waits in the hall.

the imam lays out the terms and conditions apply, and then, the guy nods, and done. he signs the papers, and they're officially married!

then every guy in the hall goes up to the guy and congratulates him personally.

cool kan?
simple je.

i saw tasha crying when the imam tells her the T&C, which reminded me of how i cried when i was about to get married. listening to the imam has that effect i guess.
honestly, i cried because i was thinking if i've done enough for my mom and dad. if i had been a good daughter. 
it's something we can never know kan? until Judgement Day.. wuuuuuuu!!!!

ok ok, back to the wedding!
basically, that was it. it was the nikah and then, MAKAN!

i don't know what they're called, but serious woo.

ayam masak rempah wooo. sedap woooo!

benda ni pun, i don't know the name, but sedaaaaap gila mamam tangan dia. lemak manis santan kelapa muda i tell ya!

less stories, more pictures i say!

nadrah could've been the flower girl.
only, she doesn't walk down the isle.
she walks wherever she wants to. haha!

seriously nadrah. this must be your favourite pose. nanti ummi buat compilation of this pose of yours.
it's called the 
"UMMIIIII!" pose.
(pose mintak dukung) hmph.

meh ai suap ye ayang?

are we done yet???

i'm meltinggggggg of boredommmmm!

oh! a speck!

at 1 year plus, nadrah is already an expert at photobombing.
i'm so happy =')
i taught her well. hahaha!

the wedding was beautiful =)

i wish my cousin tasha & her hubby kasim a lifelong happiness in dunia and on till jannah, in sha Allah! may you both be blessed with children who will take care of you both and make you happy! welcome to marriage life!!!

it isn't like the movies, but hey, make your own movie k? a bollywood one at that!
make your kids sing and dance at random moments and places k?
hahahaha! joking jokingggg!


before i end the post, i just wanna share with you something. teeeheeeee =p

so my family and tasha's second cousin's family sat at the same table.
nadrah is always moving around, so when comes to us, its between me & mom.
so this girl who sat next to mom started talking to us and stuff. she's a real sweet person, nice and very very positive. love that about her! so we were talking, and then she asked me who i came with. so i said, i came with my mom, my brothers, my daughter...
then she was like "your daughter?"
i said "yeah"
and she said "oh my God. i thought she was your mom's daughter!"
and then, aku ni bibik ke? i thought.
"hahaha! mom looks that young right!" i said instead.
"How old are you?" she asked me.
"28 this year. How about you?" i asked her back. she had her mouth open, then she said something to her mom, and looked back at me and made sure i was saying the correct age.
"How old do you think i am?" she asked me playfully.
"Errrr... 20? 21?" i said.
"I'm 16!" she said.

and then both her and her mom started ogling at mom and i and saying to each other how they can't believe we look like this for our age.

"What's your secret?" she asked.
Don't wear too much makeup, i wanted to say.
"Genetic, i guess. Haha! Not sure, but perhaps just being happy and healthy" i said instead. hehe!

my 83 year old grandmom doesn't look her age. my aunts and my mom too. so it must be genetic.

thank you Allah for this nikmat! it's one of those things i never asked Allah for, but He blessed me with it anyway. alhamdulillah!

nadrah, that aunty thought i was 16 too.
ihikkkk ihiikkkk iihhiiiikkk!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Manchester & Liverpool: Anak edition!


as some of you might've known, nadrah & i went on a vacation with my mazer, and brazers. mother and brothers gais.

at first, i was very reluctant about going. the whole intention of going on this vacation was my cousin's wedding. then, alang-alang dah pergi jauh, baik gi eurotrip skali kan? buy 2 clothes with 1 price gitu. =p

before i story mory about the vacay, here's a lil' background story mory about my cousingg. kecek ganung pulop. sorry boh.

ok, my cousin Tasha & Irfan are children of my aunt, Aunty nilo, who is my mom's elder sister. so aunty nilo went to UK long long time ago to further studies in Law and she got married to a pakistani man, Uncle Malik, and he's a local brit la. speaks in british accent and all.
so my cousins, tasha & irfan, are both half malay, but they were born and raised in UK, so they don't speak malay much (except for some curse words. which i admit, was our bad. when we were so much younger, teaching them malay words were boring. so we taught them some bad words. we were kids! that's what kids do! prank each other and stuff... don't do this k kids.), they have british accents, and they were more in tuned with the pakistani culture than malay.

to be honest, cultures are just traditions that has small amount of religion in it, so it's not something we should be proud of or anything.
but it is interesting to watch and learn =)

tasha is the eldest, and she got married to kasim, a pakistani guy, who also speaks with british accent.

ps: sorry i have to repeat the accent thing. i just don't want you to imagine a hindi accent or anything other. =p

of course the whole family from malaysia was invited. but my family and my cousin's (Faressa & Uncle Zul) represented the whole lot.

ok. i think that's enough of the background story. now let's story mory! weee!!

so it started at KLIA.

wow, bestnya family photo kami. -_-

Me: bye sayang! i'm gonna miss you!
Hubs: bye nadrah! i'm gonna miss you!

seriously -_-

before this, the furthest i've been with nadrah was to Chiang Mai, which wasn't that long. but this time, i was so worried, because it's about 20 hrs flight + transit, so i took all the 'in case's with me and tumpang bag orang lain. kesian bros. bag cenonet pun tetiba ada pampers la, ada buku la, bahahaha =p

so throughout the flight, alhamdulillah nadrah was very cool. she didn't care about the lift off or the turbulence. it was like a roller coaster ride for her! that's my girl!! =')
cuma, she didn't want to sleep.
and it really got me tired because, well. i WANTED the sleep. oh well. 
imagine when the lights were dimmed, and people were snoring away, nadrah was still playing with me and my mom, and of course, running up and down the isle. hewhewwww~

it was so awkward, funny and disgusting tho, in the plane.
the steward/desses didn't know who the father of nadrah is, so they just assumed one of my bros is the dad.
ada one time, a stewardess carried nadrah, and nadrah said "ayahji!! ayahji!!" while bending her body towards my brother Agy, whom she calls ayahji.
and the stewardess said, "what? you want your daddy?"
so i said, no, that's her uncle.
"oh, is this your daddy?" she asked nadrah while pointing at my eldest bro, ike.
i said, no, that's also her uncle.
and then she looked confused.

what's so confusing? my husband didn't come with me. that's all.

20 hours later...

NADRAH! alhamdulillah, kita dah sampai Manchester! weee!

really? Manchester? let me see!!

where is it ummi? tak nampak pun!

nadrah. pantang nampak camera.

alhamdulillah, dah sampai tu, we waited for aunty nilo & irfan to pick us up for a bit.
oh, forgot to mention.

it was a drizzle actually, but it might as well just be a snowstorm. it was COLD!
and i'm allergic to cold! 

fiuh! sampai rumah aunty nilo ada heater! so can take off our jackets, and RUN!
applies to nadrah only. 
the rest of us were still in our jackets. hehe!

ayahcho, give me the camera.

give it to me NOWWWWW!

told ya. nadrah pantang tengok camera.

lepaking at aunty nilo's place was so comfortable that i accidentally fell asleep. i think only nadrah got her full rest. she slept in the stroller, then on the ride to aunty nilo's place. so she was so hyper, i was glad that the house didn't have that many things for her to 'kemas' while i slept. and she was so scared of irfan! hahahaha! 

nadrah ni, truth to be told, is famous in manchester, among the families la i mean.
i always share videos and pictures at the family whatsapp group and i didn't know my mom shares them with the her siblings.
so there was this one particular video that got viral.

it was of her reading the arabic letters. i showed her the flash card, and she says what it is.
kejap je pun video tu. but my mom shared it with her siblings, and aunty nilo shared it with her kids, then her kids shared it with their friends and cousins, then the friends and cousins shared them with who knows who!

so camtu la. 

irfan was expecting that, after all the video watching, nadrah and him would be best friends at first sight. 

obviously not. kesian sangat. i told him, it's probably the beard. her dad doesn't have much. so does her uncles. 

after lepaking, eating and tapauing food from aunty's place, we head on to our hotel.
malam tu, nadrah and i collapsed.
jetlagged like crazy! hehehe!
mom went to tasha's malam berinai that night, and i don't even remember opening the door and talking to her when she got back. i was sleepwalking! hahahhaahahaha!!

the next day, alhamdulillah, we were ok. not that jetlagged.
and it was COLD!

ummi.. seriously. tak cukup bungkus i lagi ke? i'm obviously fine.

no nadrah. the cold is cold ok! ummi knows what's best! =p

we went to Old Trafford the next day. my bros are fans. since i went already last time i came to manchester, i just sat out on the tour and lepak with my doter.

we went SHOPPING~

yeah right. i takde la banyak duit pun. cuci mata je and takde mende nak buat. and it was cold. so lepak kat kedai je =)

do not be fooled by the brightness of this pic. it was so cold, i bundled nadrah like a sushi. muahahaha!

i didn't know there's a Di Maria.
i know there's a Maria Di Sini je...
bahahahahhahahahaha =8P

and nadrah, as usual, buat macam rumah sendiri ya!
yes yes! those balls are for you to kick! if they do anything inappropriate, you tendang sampai dia masuk ke dalam. ok?
good girl!

doa dulu sebelum memberi tendangan halilintar.

nak monkey ke nak bear?
she wanted them both.
i managed to distract her, and took her outside so that she wouldn't grab anything i have to pay for. muehehe =p

no ummi. it's not cold. i prove to you.
(she didn't wanna wear all the extra protections i got her..)

ha ye la nadrah. 
we were running around at the open space. then i saw my bros and mom walking towards us. habis tour daaahhh. 

my bros puas hati la dapat masuk stadium man utd. =)

so the next day pulak, we went to Liverpool.

we borrowed irfan's company driver and their van to go to Liverpool. For those of you who doesn't have a child and a veteran, capable of walking long distance and reading maps, then i suggest you to take the train. last time, my friends and i did that. it's cheaper, a lot of walking, but given the right weather and company, it wouldn't feel that tiring =) oh, and you'll walk through The Beatles memory lanes from the train station to the shopping mall. so, that'll be nice!

we went to The Beatles' museum first because my uncle and bros are fans. i am, but takde la hardcore. 

if you're into seeing these kinda stuff, then, silakaaaannn!! =D

sambil tu, kita lepak makan ye cayang?
haip. nak gi mana tu?!
*wearing Floral Cardi in Pastel Green (mint green yang tak mint sangat) and Tudung Mutia in Yellow. Both from La Kayena dearies!*

anak jepun.

since her dad didn't come with us, i told nadrah.
Nadrah, kalau you rindu abah, just wear specs, and look in the mirror.

ummi. no more jackets, please. or else.....

uishhhh!! engkau ni!! berat laaahhhh!!
baby-carrying-pic. failed.

when we had to go outside again..
nope. still cold. ok nadrah. JACKET ON!

kesian cayang ucuk ni.
nasib cute =p

this part, ya Allah. bila teringat. rasa nak nangis pun ada.
right over the chained railing tepi tu, is water and boats. and nadrah being a self-proclaimed professional swimmer, wanted to SWIM right there and then!
mom and i had to pull her back, get her on the stroller, and tried to make her stop crying and see reason. but babies.
what do they know about being rational? bahahahahaaaaaa.... -__-

alhamdulillah we managed Storm Girl.
by giving her milk.
milk kat sana sedap ok!

this is the behind side of the museum, by the way.
there're loads of shops and cafes. so you can chill anywhere. it's clean too!
i didn't shop much. just 2 stuffed toys nadrah picked up and gomol gomol until i had to buy it.. pandai dia kan...

we went to see some other Beatles places too. like this one.

oh johnny. you so boring.
i wanna shop.

ni Kak Elie.
she's one of the people The Beatles sang in All the Lonely People.
siapa tau lagu tu, anda hebat. the lyrics. the people. serious wow.

being there the second time wasn't as fun as before, but seriously, between 2010 and 2015, a LOT has changed!
and not to mention, there were at least 5 bachelorette parties going on in one area! how do we know? well, they were wearing skimpy clothes, had either a sash that said 'bridesmaid' and 'bride-to-be'. one group was carrying balloons in a shape of a male's private. 
how they survived in skimpy clothes and HIGH HEELS, WITHOUT SOCKS EVEN, in that cold, i have no idea. kudos. 

sooooo.. ummmm.. i guess that's it!
Part 1, that is.
muehehehheheheeee =p
i tell ya. my holiday stories are going to be like this from now on.
a battle between the adults and a baby. =p