Saturday, November 1, 2014

the day we took Nadrah to Aquaria


so nadrah is not even 1 years old yet, but of course being first-time parents, we thought :
hey, why don't we take nadrah on a 'lawatan sambil belajar'?
since it has been raining then, zoo was cancelled, and off we went to Aquaria KLCC!

fyi, this was i think ummm.. last month? two months ago? aiyo. lupa la! but back when nadrah's hair was still thin. hahahahaha!!

AQUARIA! weeee~~

not so weee though.
nadrah is such a baby! she doesn't know how or what to appreciate when we, you know, showed her around!

she was more excited to see the water and wanted to dive in.
nak jadi mermaid ke?
padahal bila mandi, bilas air kat kepala pun takut.. 

husbeng and i both went 
"nadrah! look! fish! waaahhh~ fiiiiiiisssshhhhh~~"
"nadrah look! froggggg! ribbit ribbit! froooooogggg~"
"nadrah look look! fishhhhh! fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish~~"
"nadrah look! otterrrrr~~~"

she looks. but only for a few seconds.
then she turns away and found something more interesting.

like my face. right after this noobie shot was taken, she slapped me.

it's ok nadrah. 
i forgive you, since you're still a cutie pie. but if you slap me when you're older...
you really don't want to know what i'm gonna do to you!
*warning tau!*

we went into the tunnel thing, and i was surprised by how small it is. in my memory, going through the tunnel was the best part of the whole water-world-thing. hehehehe!
i remember when i was a kid, going through the tunnel was like going into rumah hantu!
scary yet exciting! 
coz everything looks so near and big, and masa zaman kecik kecik tu, i watched the movie JAWS.
and for those of you who watched it and was born in the same era as i am, you probably had the fear of seeing sharks kan!!
sep sikit! hahahahaha!

nadrah not even bothered by the sharks!
budak zaman sekarang... hehehe! =p

nadrah lagi suka layan the person behind us. oh well~

subhanallah. that is the weirdest looking creature from under-view. is that a word? hahaha!

ye ye.
nadrah looks like her dad.
i know.



this penyu reminded me of the penyus (plural for penyu wahaha) in Finding Nemo and the penyu i saw when snorkeling in Pulau Perhentian's water.
i love penyu. 

nadrah see that? that's jellyfishhhhh~ je-li-fiiiiiish~

nadrah look! seahorses tido!
seeeee-horrrrsssssss~ sleeeeeeeppp~

all in all, we had a good time at aquaria. it was kinda hard though to move around with a stroller, only because the place has stairs and steps. so husbeng had to carry nadrah most of the time. sakit otot tangan dia lopeh tu. ciiiiaaaaannn dia! hehehe!

during the first half of our tour, husbeng and i knew that it was too early to take nadrah to aquaria. it's just that we wanted to have a healthy outing with her. takkan la nak bawak gi tengok toys je just to see her responding to the kinds of toys she likes kan!
ok kantoi we do that.. =p

it was kinda fun for me though. the place reminded me of how i used to see it when i was younger. oh, how i've grown :') 

"so nadrah, did you enjoy yourself?"

"ummi. apa aku kesah?"


takpe, next time we go see butterflies ye?
YAYYYYY!! (for me! ihiks!)

Friday, October 24, 2014

least favourite chore


amboi kau marz.
tengah in the mood to blog lately ni. wahaha!
layan je.

house chores.
there are so many things i need to do in this house. eventhough our house is just a condo unit, i sometimes cannot understand how it get so messy in a snap.

oh wait.
i can understand. it's just i can't accept it.

i sweep, i mop, i wipe, i wash, i clean, i cook, i hang, i fold, i iron, and still, it's as if the house can never be clean completely.
and sometimes, if i have time to look around and assess, i get irritated.

to avoid that, i do stuff like blogging, reading, and just recently, making a video. all because i need to distract myself from being irritated. which is what i'm doing right now. wahhahaha!

don't get me wrong!
i still clean the house.
i have like a schedule. Wednesdays and Fridays are laundry days. Mondays - sweep & mop, Tuesdays - wipe everywhere and wash toilets, Thursday and Saturdays - iron.

sometimes tak ikut pun. hehee =p

of all the house chores i have to do, i paling tak suka ironing.
i just can't stand standing in one spot and looking down, and stroking the iron back and forth. bosan sangat! i even pasang youtube videos, and purposely choose long lectures so that i don't have to look for other videos once they're done and i still have clothes to iron.


and because i dread ironing so much, i tend to get really... angry prior to doing it.

one day, husbeng asked me "yang, harini kena iron ek?"

"ha ah. cane you tau??"

"you kalau kena iron je, mesti naik angin"

"mana ada!"
of course, saya mesti menegakkan keadilan. hahaha!

the good thing is, husbeng knows he must not disturb me when it's ironing day, so he let's me take my time while ironing and he looks after nadrah. it isn't that bad i guess.. but i still can't appreciate doing it! i lagi suka basuh pinggan and toilet dari gosok baju! wahahah! =p

so what's your least favourite chore?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

sambung cerita semalam: babyhood


yesterday's post sebenarnya tak siap sepenuhnya.
got too sleepy, tapi lawan mata punya pasal, cite pun brief je.

the reason why i made that video, was because i wanted to show people that having a baby isn't as easy as it looks.

and why do i care anyway kan?
sebab, i've read several comments, not just on my instagram, but on others as well, like the famous Opi and her mom Atita Haris, or Medina and her mom Irine Nadia, or the cute Hana and her mom Yana from Cala Qisya, and many more - that people just wanna have babies. coz they're cute.

i cannot deny that babies are cute.
they are!
they're tiny lil' human with tiny everything!!
how adorable is that!?!?

one ngap and gone is the hand.
coz the hand is so tiny!


but reality is, babies are hard work!
they require loads of attention and energy. i hardly had more than 2hours of sleep in the first few months.
and "Me Time"? what, what is that??

pampering myself isn't in my to-do list anymore since i had Nadrah.
not that i'm blaming her. it's my choice. and i choose to pamper myself differently than before. like taking a long nap, and leave nadrah with her grandma or great-grandma. TEEHEEE! =p

so anyway, back to babies-

having a child is a HUGE responsibility.
we're moulding them every second (coz apparently babies like to sponge things they see, hear and stuff. ummi dah pressure!!) and if we want them to be successful in this life and the Hereafter, then it's a lot of monitoring to do, isn't it?
i'm not saying i'm doing it well.
even i check out my instagram while playing with nadrah.
guilty as charged! booooo!

i just don't want people to think that the whole point of having a baby is just to "share" them to the whole world and that's it.
it's really more than that.

anak itu amanah.

we have to protect them, nurture them, change their diapers, feed them, teach them how to crawl, how to chew, how to do their businesses in the potty, how to walk, teach them how to talk, how to identify things, etc.

ingat baby keluar je dah terus pandai kencing dalam toilet bowl?
ingat baby keluar terus pandai jaga diri and then kita boleh gi tengok wayang?

you know, now i came into a conclusion:
your parents are good parents, because you are potty trained. let's thank them for that! and be grateful that you can do your businesses in a toilet, not in diapers.


so, moral of the story is, sabar.

you'll have your time. but make sure when your time has come, be prepared.

my advise is have your family close to you as possible.
they're the best help ever.
if you don't have that option, then perhaps have a really good friend or hire a maid whom you can trust your baby with.

because sometimes, you need to poo on your own.

here's the video in case.
of what?
i dunno. saje.

ps: i think topic baby kat my blog ni dah macam banyak ek.
perhaps you can suggest what topic i should blog about next. since i'm 24-7 with nadrah, that's why i'm more inclined towards sharing about her. tapi kalau selalu bosan gak kan. heheee..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

secara tiba tiba


semalam pergi forum kat UIA pasal #selfie.
ada sentuh sikit pasal video youtube.

harini cakap ngan kawan pasal video youtube.


terbuat video.
kat youtube.


ingatkan dua tahun tak buat video, rupanya baru setahun.

pastu sangat random.
quality webcam je.

should i continue making videos?
let me know.
kalau takmo bagitau pun takde hal. haha!

selamat pagi!
(sleeping really late these days. huhuuuu! nanes)

Monday, October 13, 2014


assalamualaikum wbt peliks!

as always, i have been meaning to blog, but when i have the time, i prefer sleeping or surfing. wahaha!
bad blogger, bad! *slaps on fingers*

of all things that has been happening around me, the ones i wanted to share most are those of my husband and nadrah's quirks.

like yesterday,
nadrah has been into biting these days. it's so dangerous to leave our arms and legs unattended (if that's possible. wahahaa!).
she comes to us, gesel gesel, and suddenly..

and she has tiny teeth and jaw, which hurts even more coz  it grabs and pulls the tender parts of our arms and legs!

so yesterday she bit me at the underside of my upper arm, and it really was painful, so i screamed (not loudly la, just loud enough for her to recognise that it's a scream) and then i feigned cry.

she looked at me with her mouth ajar, then turned to her dad, and then SHE started screaming and crying!

i didn't wanna give up. i kept on fake-crying and following her, while my husband carries her around the house trying to soothe her.
macam annoying kan?
but it was so funny! coz she kept looking at me while crying eventhough husbeng was trying to keep me out of her sight!

i guess i was hoping for her to pujuk me. but she's just a baby. what pujuk?? hahaha!
so i stopped fake-crying after a while, and i pujuk her.
at first she didn't want to come to me.
merajuk la kannnn.
then, she changed her mind, and came to me anyways.
so cute!

babies. (a continuation from last blogpost, where i mentioned about babies blablabla love blabla unconditionally bla)

...i feel so bad for being so emotional with nadrah.
there are times when she drives me mad.
like when i want to cook, she'll follow me to the kitchen. and when i ignore her, she'll cry like crazy and go into sujud position, hands-in-the-air (which meant she wants me to carry her), and more. sometimes i can ignore it very well. sometimes, it stresses me out.

ni baru satu.

i told my mom about it, and she says it's ok. moms are human too.
and moms, even when they're mad at their kids, when they're tired from work or whatever, when they're doing work, whenever their kid needs help, moms will drop everything and go.

so, i concluded that, our kids, when they're babies, they put up with us, through good and bad times. they're teaching us to love unconditionally.
and as they grow, we will love them unconditionally and put up with them, through good and bad times.
they may grow to stop loving us unconditionally, maybe when they've hit puberty, met cool new friends, when they leave for college, etc, but in sha Allah, they'll be reminded, and then starts loving us unconditionally.


should i add some more?
bahahaha =p

from my own personal experience, the time i became a mom, was the time i realised how much i've taken my mom for granted.
it wasn't easy giving birth, what more to give birth several times (why do you do it when it hurt so badd???!! hahaha!)
and then raise, nurture, protect, teach, and provide.

moms are awesome.
and i hope nadrah will remember me being an awesome mom. hehe!
ingat ye nadrah!
ummi love you long timeeee!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

multilingual baby


Alhamdulillah Nadrah is 10months plus old already.
In years, she's 0.1 years old. still in point form =p

so, what can she do now?
(people always ask me that. like "ooooo, dah 10 bulan. apa je boleh buat dah sekarang?". things like that. hehe!)

she can:
1. crawl, since 0.07 or 0.08 years old. now, she's learning to walk. ta-tehhh, taaaa-tehhhhhh, cleber girl!

2. eat solids. or more accurately, wants to eat what adults are eating, except she can't yet. she'll stare and cry and pull our legs and threaten us by throwing herself back. ish ish si comel ni!

3. talk german and hokkien. she likes to talk while pointing too. almost every morning when she wakes up, she'll give me her full blown story of her dreams or "adventures" while pointing her (index) finger everywhere. but she speaks german and hokkien, so i pretend to understand. heehee!

i look so fat here.
oh well.
nadrah tomeyyyy!! 

4. dance. which is bouncing on the spot (if she's standing) or turning her body side to side with her arms in the air, like she just don't care (when sitting). she likes Hi5 intro song the most.

5. sneeze and fart at the same time. happened once though..

6. "talk" into the phone. whenever my mom/dad/husbeng/family members la basically, whenever they call, i'll let her grab the phone from me and she'll put it to her ear and stay silent. kesian whoever on the other line... i can hear them calling "Nadrahh~ TAYANG! bishhbushhhbleerrr (babytalk)" but nadrah just buat dek je. on rare occasions, she'll reply la. in german of course! hehee!

and then she'll throw the phone down. my phonee..... ='(

she loves FaceTime though.

so cute tau! few weeks ago i went to a parenting course  over the weekend. so husbeng was looking after nadrah. when class ended, husbeng Facetimed me and showed nadrah. si comel was surprised at first, because i think usually we facetime my husbeng. this time, i pulak on the other side.

so she looked at me, looked at her dad, at me again and then jumped on her dad while crying! hahahahaha!
and then she spoke german hokkien with me.

of course, i pretended to understand =p

7. climb stairs. she used to get so much attention when she climb stairs. but nowadays, i just chill chill je when she climbs. she'll always look back at me, expecting a praise. bahahaha =p

8. lick and chew. her favourite pastime. she'll take something and puts them in her mouth -__-''

9. sujud. when she starts her crying fit, she'll go into sujud position. HAHA!

10. say "abah", "ape", "watek" which means what's that or who's that or water, not sure =p, "meeewww" bunyi cat, and "cack" which is cat. and still. no. UMMI. =''''''(

11. make me feel special.
sometimes i have to leave her with my mom. when i come back to pick her up, her eagerness to be picked up by me makes me feel like i'm loved. hehehe!
babies love us unconditionally. no matter how many times we ignored them or make them cry, they forgive so easily and continue loving us.

that's true love.

oh well. that's it about nadrah's perkembangan! there might be more i've forgotten about, but oh well. biarlah. i'm just sharing this for no particular reason, only that to remind future me what 0.1 year old baby could be doing. hehehe!

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything =)

ok you math lovers, to be mathematically accurate, nadrah is 0.83 years old. hehehe! (thanks for doing the maths for me!)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Review


as a stay-at-home mom, one of the many things i penat buat masa cleaning up the house, it's sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming.

our home is a condo unit in damansara perdana where, nearby is a huge construction project (Empire City tuuuuu), and nak tanak, the dusts from there and everywhere else comes flying into our home.
i like having the sliding door open so that the wind comes in and kononnya dapat fresh air sikit (duduk level atas atas, itu lah harapannya kan) but instead, what comes in..

is dust.

because of that, i have to keep everything shut.
the sliding doors and the windows.
thing is.. even with them closed, there're still dust everywhere. can't blame everything on construction now, can i? hehehe!
it's lesser but nonetheless, they exist.
and the thing i can't stand most is that stuffiness coz the air feels so still!!
fans and airconds can't get rid of that stuffiness. i think korang mesti faham kat feeling tu!

so recently, we borrowed a Plasmacluster Air Purifier (Sharp) to see if there's any difference in our home.

this is model FP-E50E
small, petite and nice to look at. haha!
oh and it's sold over 50 million already. famous gak ek dia ni!

from what i can see, the dust level ada la kurang sikit. and even the odour from our surroundings doesn't hurt our hearts. haha! =p

also, the air purifier has a Haze Mode.
the haze mode function cleans the air by running at maximum power for a few minutes, and then chill sikit, and the run maximum again. convenient gak la =)

i put the air purifier in our living room, coz it's the center of our home.
so far, it's not as stuffy as before, and our home does feel ok. i mean, tak rasa rimas dah =D
i just keep it on and put in on auto. it seems to know better what its doing. hehe!
good thing the air purifier is safe for kids too. nadrah likes playing around it. better dia main ngan benda ni dari kipas kan. hehe =p

i think it's convenient to have since it does help mengurangkan dusts and odour. and i think because the air purifier can neutralise the air, that's why our home doesn't feel stuffy, and that's a good thing too!

it may not does all the cleaning for us, but at least it lessens the tiredness of doing it. it would be nice though, if the air purifier can vaccuum and suck up all the dust in the whole house. bahahahahaha!
i wish =p

but oh well. for now, this is as good as technology gets.
check out more at for more info!

hope this helps! =D