Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Home Makeover!


Alhamdulillah dah setahun dah our little family been staying on our own =')
It has been awesome!
We have more privacy, we get to decide and do things together, we have activities together, and i have more freeedoooooommmm! (hijabis, you get me kan? ihiks!)

Our lil condo unit is seriously a rezeki yang tak disangka kan.
It was my tokwan's before she moved in with my family. So with the condo being vacant for no reason, she decided to give it to us!
Alhamdulillah syukur! =')

I love how it was. The walls were grey and we had a brick wall too.
But then, this year, i thought, well.. Nadrah's toys kind of took over our house, so i felt the need to repaint our home to make it look more spacious. The grey walls were starting to make me feel claustrophobic!

Here's the video of our home makeover!

So there! At the end of the painting job, i was surprised by my own ability to choose an appropriate colour for our house!
A new look! I chose the colours! Me! Mom, did i make you proud? hehehheehe =p

As i mentioned in the video, i got contractors and their quotations from!
All we need to do is just search for any kinds of services we need, and then bam! Quotes come in!

Very easy, fast and efficient.
In case you're wondering what other services they have, just scroll down on their website and you'll see this:

I really find convenient and awesome because we have the POWER to CHOOSE!
sebab we may get more than 1 quotation, so we get to compare their prices, services, and quality.

(our previous contractor wasn't the best.. nak buat camane.. masa tu kita amik je apa yang orang rekemen..)

I had met 4 contractors in one day, and asked all of them about their services, their painting skills, and i even asked them for their suggestions on colours. Out of the 4, Leong from SRL Renovation was really helpful and i chose him for the job. He helped me choose the colours (i have the colours in mind, but sometimes the colour we choose from the catalog is either too dark or too bright than in real life) and he had the Momento expert, which was a plus.
I got a really nice feature wall now! Leong and his team were really awesome because the colours came out really nice and the feature wall, i'm in love with it!

After the house was done with painting, i had cleaners too to help me clean up the house.
And yeah, got them at too! One of the criteria i asked from the cleaners when enquiring for their services, was to have a laminated wood floor detergent. I had spill marks which couldn't be cleaned using normal ones, and alhamdulillah, one of them had them. They came to my house (a bit late because they said they got the wrong address), but they cleaned in exactly 2 hours. Very punctual and they managed to clean everything, even parts i forgot to tell them to clean! They did a great job at a great price (only RM65) - i would totally hire them again.


I hope this helps! 
Coz in all honesty, it helped me a lot.

Go and check out k! Use code "peliks" to get RM30 off your hired job!

(You're welcome!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Salam Raya

Assalamualaikum and good morning!

So, rasa cam dah lama tak blog. Rinduuuuu~

Sekarang sudah pun beberapa hari lepas raya aidilfitri.
Apa cite korangs?

Kita orangs okays jers.

this is, alhamdulillah, our third year beraya as a family - myself, husbeng and nadrah.
this year, beraya ngan family aspidos dulu, baru dengan mine.

i was talking to a friend yesterday and it just got me flasback-ing to the first raya after i 'berhijrah' and then to the first raya i had with aspidos's families.

first raya lepas i berhijrah, i wasn't that aware of the mahram & non-mahram thing, and went ahead with salam and hug all relatives i have. it didn't occur to me that i had to jaga not only my aurat, but my skinship with others.

so, when i realised this important fact, i tried to implement it by avoiding salaming my uncles and cousins who are my non-mahram. it wasn't easy, i tell yah.
we're so used to salaming each other and stuff, that when i tried avoiding it, it looked as if i was avoiding them. my bad though, i didn't know a subtler way of not accepting handshakes, so i say my "Selamat Hari Raya!" and run off quickly in a circle. because i don't know where else to go coz sometimes during these raya visits, we just can't run off to bathrooms, or whoever's rooms every time someone comes in, get what i mean?

it was so awkward in those early implementation phase.
but alhamdulillah now, all my cousins and uncles are aware of my principles, so they don't extend their hands anymore.

and then there's my husband's side of the family.
i wear tudung all the time when i'm at my in-laws. actually, even at my parent's house i pakai tudung. it used to be hot but i've gotten so used to it that kalau tak pakai, rasa cam rimas. haha!
so anyway, the same thing happened with my in-laws. i mean the uncles and cousins part. i was the first menantu ever kot dalam level anak buah for the uncles and aunties, so i guess they weren't aware of the no-salam prinsip i have.

again, it was awkward at first, but alhamdulillah now, semua dah tau je.

no matter which kampung we go back to, either mine or aspidos's, i have to tutup aurat all the time, except kalau dapat bilik.
and in those early days, people would tell me that it's okay to take of my tudung and wear short sleeve tees because we're all family.

i'm just telling you that, yes, it's hard at first to taichi the handshakes, the hugs, and people's perception (if they have any) of you.
the handshakes especially sebab bila uncle kita yang kasi duit raya, mesti diorang expect kita salam kan? ada yang memang dah tau and kisah pasal mahram/non mahram ni.
tapi ada yang tau tapi tak kisah, and ada yang tak tau.

just do it anyway.
try to stop yourself from extending your hand for a handshake.
try to take the duit raya without handshaking your uncles or male cousins.
try to wear tudung and long sleeve tees (and long pants/skirts duhh) anyway when it's hot and pedulikkan apa orang kata.
try to wear shoes everywhere so that you're in your socks all day.

how i did it might not be the best way:
i take the angpow, put my hands behind me, bow my head and tell them "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin, *insert awesome speech on forgiveness for my faults etc*".

so far it worked.
but i bet there are other ways to do it. i think i saw videos of it too!

i know this post should've been up before raya, but you know how Ramadhan is.
Instagram was the way to go. hahaha! =p

it doesn't have to start during raya though. anytime pun boleh start all this no salam thing. so there's always time to change and stick to your principles.

inshaAllah you'll do fine, and inshaAllah it'll get easier =)
All the best!

our most appropriate family photo. ada lagi actually, tapi photos dari phone tak sync lagi ngan computer. wuuuu..

baju baju yang sepatutnya kita pakai masa sil kawen, tapi tak jadi. so jadi baju raya je.
me, head to toe in La Kayena <3


May Allah accept our ibadah during Ramadhan, and moga kita istiqamah! inshaAllah!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Baju Raya Mampu Milik!

Assalamualaikum deariessss!

So bila masuk bulan Ramadhan, mesti orang terus fikir "Nak pakai baju apa raya ni ek?"
Before i was married, i couldn't care less about what to wear on Raya because usually mom would've bought for me already. Bahahaa!! =p
Anak mak sangat.

Tapi since sekarang dah ada family sendiri, so i will be the one coordinating our colour scheme.

But then, raya is not just one day. It stretches to weeks. Especially now sebab friends pun dah kahwin and masing masing ada family dah, so we will be inviting people over to our house la, or will be invited to their houses. Can't believe we've reached this stage already. =')

So anyway, while the first few days of Raya is for the family, so mesti dah ada baju yang matching matching kan, the days after that mesti chill.
Therefore, i am here to share the kinds of clothes you can wear to your friends' open houses without spending too much money and something you can always wear again! And mana lagi nak cari jubah atau baju murah murah online kalau bukan kat =)

 Firstly, you can never go wrong with Jubah =)

Small brown bag = RM 14.90 

Brown handbag = RM 29.90

And then when you're tired of Jubah, you can always opt for blouse + skirt! This combo is always relevant at any place and occasion, kan? =)

Gray lace top = RM 25.90!!
Flared panel skirt = RM 31.90

Flared panel skirt = RM 31.90

Flared panel skirt = RM 31.90

Then to tambahkan seri sikit, pakai la accessories yang simple tapi manis!

Watch = RM 21.90
Bracelet = RM 13.90

Super cheap kan? is having Raya FREE Delivery promo now, you get free delivery with the purchase of more than RM48 for peninsular Malaysia AND they will have Jualan Raya Meletop 2015, all items mark down up to 90% OFF. Click here to check out more k!

So apa lagi? Just head on to their website and shop!

Tudungs worn are from La Kayena, btw =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tips keje kawen: The small things


I know i should be sleeping right now, since i have to wake up and masak untuk sahur.
How is Ramadhan for you all so far?
Hopefully, it's awesome!

For me though, i tengah berusaha nak tukar gear. Dapat puasa sehari je pastu.. well..

recently alhamdulillah, my sil dah berkahwin dengan kasih sayang dia dan dua dua pun dah berPDA secara halal. muahahhaa!
bila baru kahwin ni, biasa la kan, honeymoon phase tak terhingga. Sampai lah mengandung. Pastu beranak. Setiap phase ada je la kang drama comedy horror masing masing.

As for me and hubs, alhamdulillah, nak masuk third year ni, kita macam whatever je.
Tapi yang best nya, kita best friends forever.
And he's the best friend that pays for everything. INCLUDING MY LASIK BAHAHAHAHA!!
nanti i akan share pasal lasik sebab seriously, tempat i buat tu murah ok!

so pasal wedding ni. I wanted to share since the time i got married, which was in 2012/2013 camtu tapi terlupa sangat!
and bila this time sil nak kahwin, i did the belakang tabir job, baru teringat the mistakes we did in the past, and forgot to bring forward.
Hence this blogpost.

Untuk remind diri sendiri dan juga untuk para pembaca.
Seriously, benda ni la paling selalu di-repeat-peat-peat-peat, i, i love you like a love song beybi.


Ok ok!

The things we terlepas pandang were the small things, tapi ada effect.

1. Bila buat majlis pastu ada makan makan, please letak signage kat table yang nak reserve untuk rombongan belah laki. Biasanya bila nikah kan, rombongan pompuan dah datang dulu kan, pastu baru rombongan laki. So, letak la "RESERVED FOR GROOM'S FAMILY" ataupun "COP UNTUK KELUARGA PENGANTIN LAKI" dan sewaktu dengannya. The last thing you wanna have is people complaining they don't have places to sit, and they're your in-laws. Not a good impression la..

2. Best to have someone that will control the flow of the wedding. contohnya MC ataupun ketua kelas. Whatever la. sebab kena ada someone yang ada thorough idea on what happens after nikah, after makan, etc etc. sometimes bila takde orang yang control ni, flow jadi entahpape, takut nanti serabut sangat. nanti jadi camni:
A: Eh sekarang buat apa ek?
B: Nak panggil pengantin turun ke ni? Imam dah duduk sini dah.
A: Tapi dia tak bagi signal pun.
B: Oh dia akan kasi signal ke?
A: Eh ye ke?
B: Ko pehal?
kan dah serabut.

3. Briefing dengan photographers/videographers. since they're the ones yang akan berclick2 gambar dan sebagainya, means they have the power to control whose turn to take pictures and when. my suggestion is, utamakan keluarga dulu. Ibu bapa, in laws, aunties and uncles, cousins, atuk nenek, moyang, pastu baru kawan. last time masa my reception, tak dapek tangkap gambar ngan tokwan, my cousins, aunts and uncles... we were swarmed by people we didn't know and by the time nak bergambar ngan family, diorang dah balik.. sedih ='( kalau bukan photographers/videographers, best to have an MC or someone la yang boleh buatkan this task. coz seriously, it's not about looking pretty/handsome in the pics, but about who were there to celebrate us and of course, the memories.

4. Waktu solat. i think ni most important. alhamdulillah i made it a point that everything must work around solat times. masa nikah tu, kitorang sempat pause majlis and solat zohor dulu, pastu sambung balik majlis. masa reception, i buat makeup like sedekat boleh dengan waktu maghrib so that boleh tahan wudhu'. i don't trust myself nak tahan lama lama. kita ni kuat makan pedas pastu suka minum teh tarik, maka angin pun banyak muahahahaahaahaa (tmi). so lepas makeup je terus solat. lega sikit la like that kan. =p

5. TUPPERWARES! masa nikah dulu, sebab kat rumah, so extra food dari caterers kita amik je. tak terfikir lak masa reception tu nak bawak tupperwares kan.. so the extra food tu tak dapat nak bawak balik sebab takde bekas ='( sayang sangat. sebab with the extra food, boleh bagi bagi orang. neighbours ke, rumah amal ke, you know. at least tak terbazir gitu je. and usually caterers won't provide tupperwares. just to be safe, bawak la apa apa bekas yang ada. periuk ke mangkuk tingkat ke.

6. BOXES! for the extra doorgifts or whatever gifts. you paid so much for that and put a lot of thought and effort into it, you might as well take them when there're extra and people leaving them behind.

7. ok, ni i pun rasa very very important. right after dah nikah tu, all the hantaran stuff yang mahal mahal, like jewelries, money, watches, gadgets, anything and everything valuable, TAKE THEM AND LOCK THEM SOMEWHERE SAFE! you can leave the dulangs, but the stuff, seriously, store them away ASAP! dah banyak case orang kena rompak kat majlis perkahwinan ni. alhamdulillah we did this, so it's best to keep the awareness fresh. again, ni kena rely on the ketua kelas or whatever you call it. biasanya pengantin's families akan too busy, so takut benda ni terlepas pandang pastu kang... semua ternganga sebab hantaran yilek. gone. nanes berjemaah la jawabnya.

8. kalau buat majlis nikah/bersanding kat rumah, LOCK YOUR ROOM DOORS. last time masa kita kawen, i remember seeing kids wondering around our rooms. terkejut haku. bukan apa, tapi it's not appropriate la kan.. ni kids. cuba kalau stranger mana entah yang pura pura to be part of the wedding tapi sebenarnya pencuri. kan dahhhhh!

9. get extra tables and chairs. whether majlis buat kat rumah ataupun dewan, always have extra tables and chairs. contohnya bajet 100 orang datang, so ada 10 meja yang muat 10 orang. tapi standby la meja 2 biji dan kerusi. meja kerusi yang tak fancy pun takpe. sebab it's quite common to have wedding crashers. and sometimes at weddings yang ada RSVP and planned seats pun, orang yang tak return rsvp suddenly show up, orang yang kata datang berdua tiba tiba datang berlima, orang yang kata datang tiba tiba tak datang. so, dari nak bergaduh, menghalau, menyakitkan hati orang, just be prepared. consequences of their actions takyah nak fikir. let Allah handle it.

So far, that's all i could squeeze out of my brain and i hope they're helpful.
if you have more you wanna add to this, share them at the comment section! in sha Allah bermanfaat untuk bakal pengantin & families.
the whole point of this post is to help you all reduce wastage, increase happiness and barakah, and be prepared for what's coming.
keje kawen ni bukan senang ye. even the simplest ones also have problems.

all the best ya kepada mereka yang on the way nak kahwin! eventhough we all say "It's not about the wedding, it's the marriage", but seriously, we spent money for the wedding! might as well make people and ourselves be satisfied with the whole thing kan. baru worth it. =)

ok la.
itu saja!

assalamualaikum, tak jawab dosa, kalau jawab sayang Allah. amboi.

sorry atin.. ni je gambar proper kitorang and i don't wanna take photos from you sebab malas nak mintak permission wahahahaaaaa =p
(btw dia tengah makan anggur)
love you atin!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dating as a Family


Sejak ada anak, husband and i memang tak dapek la nak berdating kat luar macam dulu. Nadrah's a third wheel, and we really don't want her to feel awkward around us... Hahaha! :p

My husband and i ni pulak bangsa suka tengok movie padahal genre kitorang agak berbeza. I really really don't like violent movies. Even yang deep deep pun macam... Myeeeeehhhh~
I like funny stuff. Last time, we would go to the cinema and watch our movies, but nowadays, senang gila - tengok kat rumah jeee.

We can pause sebab nak terkenc, boleh buat air kopi sendiri, boleh main ngan nadrah while watching and then rewind balik kalau terlepas a good scene, and you know, things like that. Since we both have our preference on type of movies, we can be with each other, tapi tak semestinya we both watch it. sorang boleh surf ke, boleh main main ngan nadrah ke, boleh tengok something else on the laptop/ipad. But at least, we're all there (in front of the tv) together.
Husband beli movies kat astro ataupun kat itunes. Dia sanggup, so i pun happy la! Heheee :)

Since popcorn memang sinonim dengan movies, i'm so glad ada popcorn yang sedap and boleh beli kat 7eleven je. Even though ada popcorn yang butter biasa2 tu, tp i like the new one, Perfecto Popcorn punya tu. especially the french vanilla flavour coz seriously, it's da bommmbbbb! Not too sweet and tak cepat muak makan.

So, suffice to say, our dating scene has changed dramatically since we became parents, but in all honesty, i love it like this :) i have freeedooooommmmmmm! (To wear whatever i want) (hijabis understand this right? Ihiks!)

picture taken at my SIL's wedding reception last weekend. 
(wearing Jubah Embun from La Kayena's Raya Collection ihiks!)


Simple and save money - watching movies at home. And nadrah won't feel like a third wheeler sangat. Hahaha! Kesian dia :p

But is it me or are the movies nowadays macam meeehhhh?
till then, kita terpaksa la tengok Big Hero 6 on repeat sebab nadrah loves the movie. Huhhh..
Oh well :)

Nadrah forcing me to eat the popcorn. This one is chocolate, and it's my second favourite. Not too chocolatey. Kalau too much chocolate, muak kan. Yang ni ok je.

Here's to dating at home!!

And here's to Baymax *yawnnnn*
berapa kali nak kena tengok ni nadrahhhhhhhh -_____-

If you want to know more about Perfecto Popcorn you can check them out on Facebook or Instagram, ok!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sick Week


Ok so the past week have been..umm.. sickening?

Nadrah got high fever due to viral infection since last monday, to the point she had to be hospitalised for 2 days. 

it was really tiring, and patience-testing period trying to take care of a toddler when they're sick coz they're always cranky. I was so stressed out that i texted a friend asking for advices on how to cope and handle the situation, coz seriously, i was going bald by the second.
Nadrah was screaming, throwing tantrums, refusing food and water, and REFUSING ME!

"Tanak ummi! Tanak ummi!" she kept saying.
At first, my heart shattered la gak. Mana tak nya. anak aku tanak kat aku!! Sampai hati.. Aku jugak mengandungkan kau... Aku jugak mandikan, susukan, bagi makan minum, pakaikan baju, cebokkan bontot... samppai hatii..... *sob sob*

And then when my friend said that kids do this sometimes, coz dia frustrated and whatnot, terus i cuba lepaskan my drama, and became stone cold steve austin on nadrah. minus the wrestling part la. except masa nak bagi makan ubat... bahahaha =p

So dia kata "tanak ummi", and i said "tanak ummi sudah. i don't care, makan." 
and when she fights me off, i just let her be, and let her calm down on her own. when she gets bored of not getting attention, then only i pujuk dia. i make funny faces ke, sing ke, whatever i had the mood of doing. hehe..

So alhamdulillah, she's gotten all better by friday and the doc let us go. seriously, i was hoping that we could go home the day before, but doc still wanted to monitor her. nadrah wasn't the only one suffering from suffocation and boredom. oh well.
trying on my shoes. coz she's too bored. kesiannnn..

Sponging down nadrah wasn't easy too. whenever the towel (warm or cold) touches her, she just swats our hands and throws angry punches or kicks. i tell ya, this girl is a strong one! part of me memang rasa kagum - a year old girl already know self defense!! impressive!! 
and a part of me gets annoyed - like seriously, baby, your body is heating up and i just want to cool it down! chill la!

ikut bapak dia ya - disclaimer. hahahaha!

oh, and the irony. since i've been staying over at the hospital, i have been eating hospital food la. on the day we were 'checked in' our hospital room, after eating my dinner there, i felt a twinge in my tummy. but the day we were discharged... that evening, i was purging and vomitting, hey, it was ugly. i got fever too, to put cherry on top of things. 

alhamdulillah it was already the weekend, so my husband had to take over everything in our house, including taking care of me and nadrah! hehehee!

kesiaaannnnn dia!!

i was in the room rolling in the bed and clutching my stomache (oh, i was food-poisoned. yeah, from hospital food. told you, ironic kan?) and nadrah and hubby in another room doing whatever else. watching nadrah's favourite shows, playing with her, etc etc. 

it was funny though, last night.

i was in the bedroom trying to sleep my fever off, when i heard nadrah and abah dia macam berbalas balas.
then i focused sikit.

"Nadah shim!" hubby said (means nadrah swim, and swim means mandi in her bath tub)
"Abah shim!" nadrah replied
"Nadah shim!" hubs replied her back
"Abah shim" nadrah replied her dad back

and this actually went on for a while and hubby was laughing during their 'heated' debate. i was walking like a zombie with my phone, of course attempting to record the whole thing, but by the time i reached them, nadrah gave in to her dad. she wasn't happy about losing the debate too. hehehehe!!!
it was so cute, rasa cam rugi tak dapat record on camera!

and that's what blogs are for. =p

today, alhamdulillah, i am fever-less, and not food poisoned anymore, and nadrah is also getting back to her usual strong, active, talkative self again! weeeee!

so, as much as it really sucks to be sick and all, i think the worst part was seeing our kid getting injected. you know, the time when the doc/nurse had to put the needle through their vein on the top of the hand, to get blood samples, and to put the iv thing.

fuhh! my heart crushed when nadrah was screaming in pain, and i was also about to cry. alhamdulillah,  i didnt because i needed to be strong for her. i'm not sure what that actually meant, but at the time, that's really what i felt. if i cried with her, then? not crying meant i can pujuk her and make her laugh afterwards. hehe.. tu je =)

and seriously, i need to be more grateful for our health. it's something i always forget to thank Allah for.

Alhamdulillah, ya Allah. Thank you =') 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

sakit hati 2 hala


these past few months, i rasa i've been slapped across the face many times.

because i trusted people who didn't value me the way i value them.

when i was in school, i was backstabbed, betrayed, and been the object for gossiping, that i developed this kind of mask when i'm in public.
i built a wall, high enough that people won't know the real me, but low enough that we can still be friends.
i never wanted to have best friends, because that would mean they know things about me. my secrets, my pet peeves - basically things about me that they can use against me. i've been betrayed kan, so i don't ever want to go through the pain again. my so called bffs revealed my secrets, turned against me and somehow got people to hate me. which was really stupid and seriously, takde motif kot. macam bongok je buat camtu kan korang. huh. (sorry ter-emo pulak. but then this whole post is emo. huuuu)

ok, anyway, it took me seriously, a really really long time to open up again. i mean, to allow people to  know the real me. takde la lain sangat from the mask. but to open up and share my fears, hopes and dreams, things like that, it was really difficult kot dulu. alhamdulillah, now ok la.

now, these past months... i just found out that friends whom i thought were my real friends, have been talking behind my back, and using me.. and Allah je la tau.

since i masuk in this business industry, it's like i've entered a new realm.
there are sooooo many people who claims to build their business for some good-natured intentions, but their actions say otherwise.

and then tu la. they say they're friends with me, but then? talk behind my back and stuff. aiyo.
i thought benda ni zaman skolah je..

what's worse, i know they talked about me, gossiped about me, but i have to pretend i know nothing of it, and just act normal. padahal rasa nak nangis kot.

"i trusted youuuuu!!!" sambil pegang collar baju dia and shake dia back and forth.
"sampai hati youuuuu!" pastu lap hingus, and pusing and run masuk kereta.
 - what i feel like doing.
drama kan? hahahahaha!

i'm not used to this new realm. sebab masa belajar dulu, my friends and i were kinda straightforward. when i worked as an engineer, everyone was so frank, they tell you off in your face. tak-kuasa-nak-cakap-belakang kind of attitude. i remember masa keje dulu, if i don't like you, i make you know it, but that's it la. takde nak jatuhkan ke, nak buruk burukkan ke. respect tu masih ada la.

so that's why i feel like it's a big deal for me.

dalam masa yang sama....
when i found out what these people did behind my back, i got angry. and then, just a few nights ago, i was wondering if ever i did what they did to me.

have i backstabbed anyone? gossiped? did i reveal someone's secret?

sometimes we might have done something wrong too to deserve this. problem is, i don't remember.

and it's not just me. it's us all in general.

we can check other people's behaviour, their attitude, their sins, etc, but when it comes to us? it's like we hijab ourselves tau.

macam tak betul je.

contohnya si A kata "i tak suka si B tu. dia poyo je. cakap buat keje sebab ikhlas, tapi buat terang terangan so that orang puji. ikhlas la sangat."

padahal si A pun sama naik je. dia pun duk post gambar kat instagram, cakap "kitorang baru spend RMxxxx untuk tolong orang ni. moga Allah berkati usaha kami"

sama la kan? mengata orang, tapi tak check diri sendiri. that's what i mean when i said that we hijab ourselves..

sakit tu sakit la. tapi what to do? i pun takde la baik sangat. sebaik mana i try to be, i always fall and bruise myself because i tripped over my own words and actions. and thoughts. and feelings. oh gosh... being a female is so complex kan? baaaaaaaaaahahahah (gelak serious tak ikhlas)

so i'm sharing this as a reminder to myself and to all of you that, well.. as good as we try to be, sometimes we need those painful experiences to remind us that:
1. takyah bajet sangat laaaaaa! chill sudahhhhhh! - we're not that good.
2. we might've done something wrong unintentionally and accidentally.
3. the pain is a reminder to not do the same thing to others.
4. we need to be more careful with ourselves and the people we keep as company.
5. i should trust husband more. coz his instincts ni sometimes boleh diharapkan. bahahaha! - ni for me. =p

ummm.. so.. yeah.

astaghfirullah al adzim... may Allah forgive us all sebab kita buta when it comes to us...
nauzubillah min zalik... ya Allah tolong jauhkan dan lindungi kami dari penyakit hati...

i bet some of you dah lali kan benda ni? hebat sangat sebab korang boleh bersabar! may Allah reward you dunia and akhirat! sesungguhnya orang yang bersabar ni la dapat banyak reward kan!

i hope to be among the patient people. heeeeee.. it'll take some time la kot. but in sha Allah. =') wuwuuuu..

sorry for this ramblings. if you have any advice ke or things to share, you know i love to read them! sila sila =)
thanks for reading! and thanks for... you know... understanding =')

ps: title of the post is sakit hati 2 hala because i was initially hurt by what happened to me, and then i sakit hati ngan diri sendiri sebab sendiri pun tak betul. wahahahaa! pompuan. biasa lah. lagi complex dari shopping complex. =p