Monday, March 2, 2015



It was a few days before chinese new year's holiday when mom, my aunt, nadrah and i went to Terengganu for a bit of a getaway.

My mom's got a friend who owns a B&B (bed and breakfast) inn at Kijal called Kijalena.
It has been so long since i've been to the beach, so i was so happy that my mom asked me if i wanted to join. OF COURSE MA, YES! AKU NAK TENANGKAN MATA SIKIT NI HA!
masa tu i was macam serabut sikit, sebab...

and i thought, it could be a good learning experience for nadrah. hehee =)

of course, a few hours of being in the car was boring for nadrah and the car seat was just crampin' her style. haha!

alhamdulillah we reached our destination and when i laid eyes on the view from the B&B, SUBAHANALLAH!

ok the picture wasn't doing the view any justice, and that fishing pole, well. perhiasan. haha!

seriously, it was so refreshing!
the air was calm, the water was beautiful - i could see the blue part and the green part, and it was in a kampung area, so it wasn't busy at all. it was just us and nature. =')

the moment we stepped out of the car, nadrah saw the swimming pool and immediately she wanted to swim.
she kept looking at the pool, and said "cim, cim" which means, swim, swim. -_-'

she got what she wanted. we went swimming.
the best thing about this B&B, is that the whole household is so unique. i pun tak reti nak explain. but the pool area, memang banyak tempat lepak. so while nadrah and i were swimming, my mom, aunty shikin (my aunt) and aunty nina (the owner of Kijalena) were chilling by the poolside. 

in case y'alls were wondering, this is where we stayed. this is the chalet, 3 rooms, each has its own toilet, there's wifi too. so donch worri. =)
the owners live in a house opposite of the chalet (in the same compound of course) with their family. they're all super nice!

so yeah! nice kan? =D
after swimming, nadrah and i went exploring.
oh ya, nadrah got a toy horse from aunty nina. because there was an actual horse in their compound.

jeng jengggg!
his name was something like cavalli? roberto cavalli? eh tu nama kain.
something like that la. hehe!

it's not their horse, but they're looking after it for a friend. 
so the orang kampung suka betul tengok the horse. they would stop their motorcycles and watch the horse eat or whatever secara berjemaah. hehe!
i would love to chill with the horse, but nadrah was between scared and amazed at it. she's like that with everything actually. wahaha!
she extends her hand to touch it, and the second i put her close enough to it, she withdraws her hand and lean back. takut.
ceit. there was a monkey too, and a guard dog (we didn't go near it. takut. haha!)

so now she knows what "hosh" and "angki" looks like in real life. good girl! 

then we went to the beach, and nadrah was so squirmish that i got so uncomfortable. her squirms made my tudung go everywhere. i was so worried my tudung would flip and fly or something. haha!
good thing there was a log, and we sat there. so nadrah can see the sand but they're not in contact. 
the sand was "geyi" to her! (geyi = geli)

good thing she didn't want to "cim" in the sea. gila apa?!
nadrah fefeeling kew tewwww~

baby, tak ponek lagi ke?
ummi dah pancit gilos ok...

memandangkan it's a B&B inn, not a hotel, so we had to look for dinner ourselves. not to worry! they have a pasar malam on monday nights, and mesra mall is just about 15minutes drive. it's all good!

that night was a monday night, and we all enjoyed eating our nasi kerabu and keropok lekor yang sedap gilos and tak berminyak. rindu pulak!

the next day, we went to kuala terengganu, which was seriously far than i thought, and got ourselves some keropok, keropok lekor and.. budu and all sorts la! we bought them all at the pasar payung.
after shopping, we went to the masjid terapung and that's where nadrah saw fishies chasing after food.
the fishes we're used to seeing are the ones in aquariam. so, no kejar-kejar la.
she got so excited everytime the fishes goes after the food she threw in.
kept repeating "pish, pish, pish, pish" sambil bagi ikan makan, sambil tengok my face, sambil tengok my mom's face. hahaha!

alhamdulillah =)
cantik masjid ni!

when we got back to Kijalena, of course nadrah wanted to swim.
but not after we chill at the beach jap ye sayang!
ololoooo~ so gadis melayu terakhir! hehehee!

tokmom, stopped taking pictures and get me a drink! - said nadrah.


we went swimming shortly after (since nadrah insisted), but we swam for like, less than 30minutes i think? 15 minutes like that coz nadrah got tired and she wanted the keropok the aunties were eating at the pool side.

that night, we went to mesra mall for dinner =)
mesra mall tu ok la gak, banyak kids. nadrah loves seeing kids so she was happy.
there was this girl around her age, and she was so sweet! kissing nadrah and smiling a lot. nadrah even played with a kakak who wasn't even playing with her! hahahaha! kelakar tengok!
and then there was this exercise machines display at the concourse, and the kids just took over the place. they were playing with the shake-lemak thingy and the treadmill. 

reminds me of my childhood. hehe!

we headed for home the next day after breakfast. 

my mom actually intended for me to get the writer's block out of me, but i got so tired coz nadrah.. was being like any other toddler yang 'nak kenal dunia'. 

i wasn't inspired to write after the trip, but i was inspired by the beauty of the sea. 
i felt so at peace when i look at the beach. 
all of my senses were remembering everything.
i've been holding on to too much of metal that i almost forgot what sand felt like. my eyes were used to looking at screens - tv screen, laptop, phone - that i almost forgot the colours of the sea water. my ears were so used to hearing noise, that i forgot what calm sounds like.
it was amazing.

i felt truly blessed that Allah allowed me to come here. it was a wake up call! 
i thought, Allah's creation is this beautiful, then Allah must be..Wow. the creation is nothing like the Creator, right?
subhanallah. subhanallah. glorified is Allah. glorified is Allah. =')

so, if you're interested to stay at this place, here's their contact number!

thank you ma =)
i love you so much.

thank you and all praise to Allah for this rezeki =)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bijak Berinternet


tak jawab dosa, jawab sayang.
bahahahaha =p

since the internet has blossomed into a 'click and share' portal, every information we need is just a click away. sometimes, some things bukan kita cari pun, tapi sebab orang share kat media sosial kita, kita pun dari tak tau, jadi tau.

for example, i don't have plants at home (yet), and then my mom shared with me about how diapers can be used for gardening!

and then there are stuff people share online that are complete lies and scams.

i remember one time there was this news about how this insect can 'buat rumah' kat badan manusia. it turns out that it was photoshopped!! and the worst part was, ramai yang percaya benda tu!

kalau bab agama lagi la. ramai betul nak share hadith, sunnah atau ajaran agama tapi tak check kesahihan benda tu. yang kelakarnya, ada orang letak gambar syeikh mana entah pastu letak quote satu, pastu kata orang tu yang cakap quote tu, padahal tu rekaan semata mata.

so, while it is good, this 'click and share' habit, sebab boleh share banyak info yang berguna dan bermanfaat, tapi kalau kita tak berjaga jaga, info yang tak benar, palsu dan fitnah boleh membinasakan diri dan pembaca.

it's good then, that we all equip ourself with knowledge and practise caution on what we share online, and we need to know what our rights are as users of the internet (based on Malaysian Law) and what we need to stay out of.

ok, here's a site when you can get all your needed info!

here's where you'll find your info -->
video chat pun kena ada batasan y'alls! know your limits here mkaaay?

you'll find tips on what to do too if you encounter whatever online.

And not only that, MCMC wants to reach out to all of you out there in regards to online security and safety precautions through its Facebook page here -->

There are several topics and tips shared there, so it is always good to furnish ourselves with new info every now and then right?

Some interesting info like:

About what people think of 'learning' or believing the things they see on Facebook 

And a few other interesting tips from protecting your machines to malicious software to safeguarding your own digital presence.

so i encourage you all to read up and get educated on what you can and cannot do when you're in the internet. remember, internet is a world without obvious barrier, so you need to protect yourself, mkaaaay?

stay safe!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Featured in Anis Magazine!


Alhamdulillah ummi dan anak dijemput berceloteh kat Anis Magazine haritu.

tau tak, alkisahnya.

i borrowed mom's helper sorang sebab nak mintak dia tengokkan nadrah sekejap sementara ummi ni bertangkap gambo kat studio sedia ada dalam ofis magazine Anis ni.
Nadrah masa tu dah la baru dapat kaki, so she was sooooooooo active!

kat studio tu, ada backdrop kain yang panjang dari siling sampai ke lantai pastu stretched sampai ke hujung dinding. so nadrah, dengan slambe dia, pergi lari lari kat kain tu, pastu menghempas kan diri dia kat backdrop tu sebab macam best kot. ahhaha!!

she kept on tripping on herself too while running around, and semua orang kat dalam studio macam macam dah buat nak suruh dia careful sikit and duduk diam sekejap untuk amik gambar.

but, AS IF! thought nadrah. "IMMA RUN, I DON'T CARE" she thinks.

so several attempts to take pictures with her failed and she looked so annoyed at being held from her freedom to run. hahaha!

macam ni. hahaha!

but in all seriousness, do get your hands on this month's copy of Anis Magazine to read more on what i have to say about Keberkatan Rezeki =)

excuse my awkward pose =p

alololooo tiutnya nadrah ni. hahaha!

anyway, thank you Anis Magazine for having me!
moga apa yang saya share dalam magazine ni bermanfaat untuk semua orang yang ingin mencari rezeki yang berkat, tapi tak tau bagaimana =)
in sha Allah =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mix and Match tips


2015 just started and i need a new wardrobe T_T

bukan apa, i have outgrown some of my clothes. wuwuwuwu.. takpe la, membesar dengan nadrah kan. so bagus la tu kan? *ayat sedap hati tapi.. nasi lemak macam sedap je mmmmm...*

sebab 2015 just started, i don't plan on spending so much on clothes. and eventhough i sell clothes, i kinda..still..need..more. haha! =p

mana lagi kan nak dapat baju banyak tapi price murah pastu beli online je lak tu, pastu sampai within 24 hours lak tu. my sweeties. mana lagi.

even i'm amazed at their service. nak berguru ngan diorang la..

anyway, here akak nak share ngan akak akak adik adik sekalian, cara mix and match hantam taram sing a song!

Blue on Blue

di sini acik acik sekalian, ittew match kan warna pakaian dengan warna handbag. ampun la ye, baju tak sompek gosok =p
tapi point di sini ialah, kita match kan warna dominant pada pakaian, in this case, biru pada jubah, dan match kan nya dengan handbag biru.
simple and tak perlu sakit otak nak pikiaq matching camane. tul tak? hehee..

ni lagi satu contoh Blue on Blue

instead of matching dengan warna dominant, matchkan dengan warna yang sikit, tapi pops out! sebab bag pack ada tribal patterns yang penuh colours, so boleh go crazy with mixing and matching! i chose blue blouse camni and tudung floral ni sebab dekat bag pun nampak blue dan orange. so ok la kan? hehehe!

Brighten it up!

sometimes ye la, teringin pakai baju colour manis manisan gitu tapi tak reti nak match ngan tudung colour apa kan? ha, sini acik acik sekalian, match kan aja colour manisan dengan manisan yang lain. in this case, turquoise and pink. bag pape pun tak kisah, serious. tapi jangan la pakai bag galas ultraman ke sailormoon. tu mengundang namanya wahaha =p

Go Neutral

gold ialah antara warna yang sangat best nak match kan. sebab dia dalam group warna neutral (sekali dengan hitam, grey, etc), jadi pakai dengan tudung pink pun dah comel lotey. pastu nak pakai ngan handbag boleh, bag pack boleh, macam macam la! kalau students, pakai la ngan bag pack yang cute camni!

Sweet and Fresh

ni tips bagi acik acik yang suka warna pink. you don't need to wear all pink you know? pakai tudung pink, pastu match kan dengan baju putih dengan a subtle lace details dengan bag ala ala tribal tapi manis ni, haaa. dah cukup sweet! dan yang bestnya, nampak suci dan fresh!

When in doubt, wear BLACK
Blue Pouch (comes with the Blue Handbag)

macam yang telah dihabaq tadi, warna hitam tergolong dalam warna neutral, jadi kalau acik acik ada dah serabut tak tau nak pakai apa dah ni, pakai la black! tapi untuk nampak fresh sikit, pakai la bag berwarna ataupun tudung berwarna. sebab it's black, so you can mix and match to your heart's content!

Think POKOK!

this is perhaps my favourite tip. alam flora sangat cantik kot! jadi kita guna pokok ataupun kalau acik acik nak, guna bunga rose ke, lily ke, sebagai inspiration untuk match kan baju & tudung. macam kat sini, pakai shawl berbunga, pastu blouse hijau and done! untuk mengurangkan effect pokok tu, pakai bag funky sweet camni pun dah ok =)

kita bukan la fashionista sangat, tapi even i sometimes have problems nak mix and match. so kena go back to basic and think simple.

harap harap tips ni semua berguna la untuk acik acik sekalian =) tapi tip yang paling paling penting ialah: BE YOU. because you are Be-You-tiful =)

PS: Tudung Mutia (3 layered tudung in Pink) and Floral Shawl are courtesy of La Kayena! Available at Modvier and Maleeqa Exclusive =)

Chinese New Year (19 February 2015 ni), akan bagi FREE DELIVERY PROMO dari 21st Jan sampai 17th Feb dengan pembelian RM 48 ke atas! sekarang ni la promo diorang! 
Sila la shopping ye siap siap =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

La Kayena in Kuantan!!

tak jawab dosa, jawab sayang~


those were the days. ahak!

anyway, haritu our little family went to Kuantan to attend the grand opening of Maleeqa Exclusive, a muslimah fashion house, right behind ECM, in Malay Town.
it was the weekend after we got back from Chiang Mai.
masa tu, nadrah dah sihat alhamdulillah.
tapi.. I PULAK YANG SAKIT! wahahaha best kan nadrah kasi tai chi sama itu penyakit kat ummi =p
kulit hidung masa tu dah terkupas kupas sebab asyik buang hingus, pastu telinga pekak sebab macam tersumbat, tekak pun sakit. sakit pun.. banyak gak bercakap. nyehehehe =p

i'm so surprised on how different Kuantan looks now! the last time i went there was in 2005, masa matrix kat gambang. my friends and i would go to kuantan parade by bus, and then if we're rajin, we walk all the way to kuantan megamall. masa matrix mende sangat la nak buat kan. dari gambang ke kuantan tu dah la jauh, so we all make up for it by hanging out at KFC and terminal bas sebab ada cendol pulut tapai yang best gila. entah ada lagi ke tak sekarang.. a few times gak dapat gi Teluk Cempedak dulu. tak swim pun. just lepak tepi pantai and watch people. good times =p

i thought nak revisit my old lepak places but husband macam penat and stuff (dia pun sakit) so kita hold for next time la kita visit kuantan. please share whatever good places to eat and visit! heheeee

back to butik!

tadaaaa~ ramai sangat masa opening tu! sebab kak Fynn Jamal pun datang. hehee..
cantik gilos interior butik ni, serious!
simple & classy. oh and comfy!

at first bila dapat proposal untuk jadi vendor kat butik ni, i was a bit hesitant because i don't know if i could afford it, lagi lagi sebab dah join Modvier. tapi sebab kak Nadia Bayu convinced me, saying that it's a good place, kak Nadia owner Maleeqa ni pun sangat baik, so i agreed in the end. 
and alhamdulillah, kak Nadia hosts usrah classes in the butik as well, so it made me feel so relieved knowing that a beautiful space like that is utilised fully =')
good job kak Nadia!

ni la kak Nadia! kecil molek tapi berjiwa besar dan sangat berdisiplin

alhamdulillah dapat opportunity to meet the super owners of super butiks!
Pija of Minaz and Kak Huda of Hijriahome.
they're both super humble and super hardworking, that's why la kot diorang super. 
nak super gaaaaaaakkkkk =p

kak Huda yang also berjiwa besar and seriously best sangat berborak dengan dia! rasa tak puas nak bersembang kencang. wahahaha!

Nadrah ni pulak dengan kurang sihatnya (hidung sok sek je), ya Allah, memang active sangat! main main with budak lain, and dia baring baring kat carpet ni, where kak Fynn Jamal tengah meet and greet fans dia. ish! talk about trying to steal the limelight! hahaha!
i'm glad i get to meet kak Fynn too. dulu first time jumpa dia, kat hotel kat muo masa raya. tapi kitorang tak borak sembang mende la. just tegur sikit sikit pastu bye!
touch n' go. huhu.

encik spidos suami tersayang, dengan anak muka copy paste bapak dia, dan suami kak Huda, who was husband's senior kat skolah dulu and UTP! 
kata husband, suami kak Huda ni penyabar sangat. cakap kat anak anak pun lembut lembut. patutlah anak dia melekat je kat dia. amazing!

so disebabkan kami se-family travelled long and far that day, kita pun balik awal sikit. tapi balik hotel kat kuantan. kak Nadia book kan hotel untuk kita to stay overnight. thank you kak!! =') moga Allah limpahkan rezeki kepada akak and family, in sha Allah~

dah rest kejap kat bilik hotel, kita pun nak cari tempat makan yang best. husband ada kawan yang nak datang jumpa dia. diorang nak sesi catch up la gitu. so we chose a place that's easy for everyone. we went to Malay Town again and went to eat at this nasi kukus restaurant. forgot the name -_-'
it was ok la. i was hoping the kuah tu pedas lagi. but the chicken was good. and i'm not a fan of chicken, so that's saying something!

bila nak makan tu, si Nadrah was so active that husband couldn't eat coz she kept wanting to walk around, and it wasn't a closed restaurant. he took the first shift of walking around with nadrah, and in the meantime, i was eating as fast as i could so i could take over the shift.

after his shift was done, i took nadrah back to Maleeqa (it was just down the road) and crashed in while they were busy closing the counter. haha! tak malu betul =p

kak Nadia sibuk. tapi serious cantik la the butik. can't get over it!

this is my lil' space =')
alhamdulillah the clothes were sold successfully! rasa nak nangis tengok. tapi sebab i malu, i didn't even step into my space. it's because i don't want to count my own stocks (i have a tendency to do that). tak manis la kira stock depan orang kan! hehee =p

Nadrah was so happy coz she had friends to play with. not that she knows what's happening. she was just running all over the place. and tripping all over the place!

kak Nadia's boys were so good-mannered, mashaAllah! they played with nadrah, and layan her everywhere she ran off to.
here, they were playing pretend. the adik was pretending to be a gorilla, the abang was the 'savior' while nadrah was the 'damsel in distress' (she was holding someone else's phone. ish nadrah nadrah -__-')

it was so funny watching the kids play! i was laughing and observing them play coz it looks so fun! padahal tak paham pun apa agenda diorang! hehehe 

we went back to kl the next day.
it was tiring because i wasn't feeling so well, but i'm satisfied that i got to meet people i admire and respect. and of course i was so happy that i was able to meet La Kayena supporters! alhamdulillah!

thank you so much kepada awak yang bershopping baju & tudung dari La Kayena, dan even datang untuk jumpa saya yang kulit hidung terkupas, mata sembap, telinga pekak ni =') terharu tau tau tauuuu! pastu thanks sangat sebab sudi buat saya ni macam best friend korang, berborak santai macam kenal lama. heheee =)

sesiapa kat kuantan atau berhampiran dengan kuantan, pergi la shopping atau berusrah kat Maleeqa Exclusive ni!
follow their instagram @maleeqa.exclusive to see their updates k?
in sha Allah, La Kayena pun akan restock barang sana soon! weeee~~

Monday, January 12, 2015

Chiang Mai experience


so... we were supposed to be in Bangkok today.
Instead, we're back at home, in Malaysia.

which is really ok. preferable.

ok here's the story: (be prepared for extra long post and loads of pics coz im too lazy to edit them)


Husband, Nadrah & I shared a huge bag for our first family holiday.
our holiday trip ni bukan holiday je, it was for my cousin, Ami's wedding reception in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
i guess we can call it a 'family day' then kan? haha!
don't know why there of all places, but oh well. we went there anyways.
our plan was, go to chiang mai, stay from Friday till Monday, then off to Bangkok till Friday.

... i guess it was a good thing we only had one huge bag!!


selfless~~ hahaha!

it was my first time at KLIA 2, and ya Allah!! besar gila!! macam shopping mall!!!
pastu, mak aih, bila dah check in tu, nak jalan ke gate punya lah jauh! boleh tahan semput gak la sebab jalan laju. i don't know why we always feel pressured to reach our gate as quickly as we can.. as if we're gonna miss our flight.. -__-'

at the gate, we sat at the first row nearest to the door since my grandma was in a wheelchair and Nadrah with her stroller. she got restless, and so we let her walk. and Nadrah being Nadrah, she went and tegur people like she's a Menteri.
she went from row to row, and played "Chak!" with aunties and grannies, and even stared at a boy to the point he got embarrassed! i can tell she wanted to play with him, but she doesn't know how to initiate it. hence the staring game. perhaps she was trying to connect her wifi into the boy's mind. hahaha!

i la kena kejar dia and pull her back to the front. but she kept insisting on 'visiting' people by screaming and throwing her upper body out of the stroller (i know it's hard to imagine. haha!). sampai orang pun nak ber-selfie ngan dia. -__- oh em jay nadrah..

i was actually worried about nadrah during plane take-off. it's our first time kan, and i heard many stories and even experienced cranky babies throughout the flight. sampai ada baby kena bagi ubat tido! takut gak nadrah kena camtu kan but alhamdulillah, she was ok!
she even did her rounds in the plane! sempat.

alhamdulillah, we reached chiang mai safely and went straight to the hotel. it was raining and rupanya, it had been raining for a few days. on the day we arrived, it was raining the whole day!
while we were all ok, Nadrah's body felt hot. and i was starting to panic coz i didn't bring any first aid stuff for Nadrah except for her bear-rub (which is like vicks la).

Nadrah tu pun satu.
masuk bilik hotel, terus dia nak masuk bathtub coz it was HUGE and nadrah is a fan of bathtubs. haha!
i pun thought it should be good for her, sebab hujan kan. takut dia kena hujan punya pasal.
after mandikan dia and all, she seemed ok.

...or so we thought.
malam tu, when we went out for dinner, her body was hot and she had no appetite! paniccccc!
alhamdulillah though, i managed to give her a few spoons of nasi and sup.

and ALHAMDULILLAH for Hunny!!
she gave us Eva's first aid kit and good thing they had voltaren suppositories. malam tu jugak kita sumbat bontot nadrah sebab her temp climbed to 39degrees!!


i couldn't sleep that night, i kept sponging her and checking her.
nightmare ok. anak sakit kat negara orang. ='o

the next day, she seemed fine and normal. except for her runny nose la.
she was active as usual, and we thought the fever is all gone. sebab macam i ni, fever will only stick for a day. tak pernah demam more than a day. i mean, since i can remember la. mom said i used to have really high fevers that lasted for days.

serious tak ingat. haha!

after breakfast, we went to see the elephants la, apa lagi!

Nadrah look! Elephant!

nadrah knows elephants coz some of her story books have cartoons of 'em. but when she saw them 'Live'...

she got scared and demanded me to carry her away. no! nadrah, you must face your fears! 

ummi.. how can you ber-selfie when that elephant is about to beat me up with its humongous trunk?
sorry nadrah.. we don't have that many family pics, so bear with this!

dah dapat tengok elephants up close and personal, we went to see the elephant show pulak.

it was ok la. nak kata best tu, takde la sangat. 
i felt bad for the elephants je..

Nadrah was amused for a while, after that she was more attracted at the dogs yang tido kat depan the audience stand. haha!
she kept saying
"Doh (dog)! Oh! Oh! (woof! woof!)"
oh well. if it makes you happy and right in your seat, we're good!

after that, my brother and i went on the elephant ride which took us about an hour.
and all the while i was worried of nadrah coz her temp was high again and she looked weak then..

bila naik tu, i was wondering like how come ada bau nasi ayam ni?
rupanya our driver was eating while 'driving'.
pun boleh..

mom and brother also joined the ride. camni la rupa dia.

and here's why i can't enjoy the whole thing - the show, the ride..
it's their 'weapon of choice'.

i know elephant's skin is thick and it's probably the best way to train them, but still.
rasa kesian!!
i felt like kicking the guy when he puts the sharp side on the elephant's head.
i siap marah dia!
"woi! dah la tu!"
"ko pehal!?"

wahahah! macam dia paham je kan. but usually we can tell what the message is from the body language, facial expression and tone of voice. so he kinda did slow a bit on the hitting, but still does it anyway. ish, rasa nak tampar dia sampai pengsan!!
dah la dia boleh buat pit stop untuk kencing! good thing he went behind an office. kalau tak.. ish!

after the elephant tour, we went to Tiger Kingdom pulak.
but because nadrah's body was really hot and she started coughing with phlegm, As and I took her to the clinic while the rest of the family took pictures with the tiger. they said it was docile.. probably drugged so that the tiger won't bite off anyone's hands..
good thing i wasn't there.
kalau tak entah nangis ke apa kang. i kenot la these kinda things...

anyway, nadrah got to see the doctor and she got some meds.

we went straight home after that.

oh wait! ada pit stop kat thai silk factory coz mom and aunt wanted to see it and buy stuff.
i bought some scarves too.. ahahahaa (gelak guilty sebab sepatutnya jaga nadrah)

after that we went straight back to the hotel.
by then memang dah tekad, nadrah needs to rest and we're going back on the same flight as my brothers to Malaysia.
Alhamdulillah dapat tickets! we just had to. burn la tickets to bangkok and hotel. demi nadrah! 

that night was ami's reception, and although we couldn't attend, we heard the fun =)

i do hope they had fun!
we did came all the way for it! hehehee! (minus us of course la)

the day after, tengah tunggu taxi to take us to the airport.
Nadrah in her stroller with a wet cloth on her forehead. kesiannnnn!!! huuuuuu...
and that's me writing in my travel journal. buehehe =p

Nadrah, as usual, doing her rounds when we were at the airport.
seriously this girl. 
i think she just doesn't know how to be sick!
alhamdulillah =')

i've seen some babies, even kids yang lemah longlai when they get sick. they won't even bother to walk around or just attempt on being active. i'm so grateful that nadrah is still able to walk and laugh while her body is weak and feverish.

in the plane, she studied with her dad and slept a lot.

we reached KL safely yesterday, alhamdulillah.
sampai sampai je terus gi hospital to see the doc and get second opinion on her meds and stuff.
when we saw the doc in chiang mai, we couldn't really understand what he was saying coz the accent was kinda complicated and he wasn't really good in english.
we just nodded as if we understood anyway.
i don't know why we do that, like we just dont want them to waste their time to make us understand coz we need something urgently, so we just nod and pretend to understand. this applies to anything, really.

so the doc said Nadrah's ok, and he suggested the meds that Nadrah should continue from the ones that the doc in chiang mai prescribed. imagine, that doc prescribed 5 bottles!! nak bagi satu ubat pun punya la wrestling, ni 5!
so the malaysian doc said only 2 can be continued, the rest are redundant.


still have to wrestle with her to give her the meds, but at least it's just 2. not so tiring la. hahaha!

and so, that's all la our Chiang Mai adventure!
not so much of tourist-y stuff, but definitely a real good lesson for me and hubster.

for you first timers, make sure you bring first aid kit for your child k!
1. nasal spray - in case stuffy nose
2. voltaren - in case demam panas. note that this is just a pain killer, so it's not meant to cure their fever, but just lower their temp for a while. this can give you time to see a doc.
3. plasters
4. thermometer
5. bear-rub (sort of like vicks) 
6. diaper rash ointment
7. insect repellent - we all don't want our child to get dengue in a foreign country kan...
8. minyak gamat

this is just the basic stuff. please, do bring whatever ointments or meds you have for your child. lagi lagi yang ada allergy or asthma! extra precaution is better than lacking them!!!

this trip was an experience, and honestly, i felt really bad..
felt like a bad mother for taking her for granted..
i really really don't want any of you to go through the same experience!! SO TAKE NOTE OK?!

husband and i couldn't enjoy ourselves even coz we're always so worried and panicking. ahaha!
padan muka =p

k la, tu je!
night all!