Thursday, November 19, 2015

Save money by breastfeeding =)


Alhamdulillah Nadrah is 2 already!
I can't believe how fast time flies, and i just vaguely remember those days when she was just an infant! I get to see her grow right before my eyes, which is the best evaaahhh!
Hehe =)

Looking back, nadrah was never hospitalised when she was a baby. I strongly believe it was the breastmilk that gave her the strong immune system she needed.

The first time she went to the hospital was due to a high fever (when she was already a year plus) and because the only closest hospital in my neighbourhood is KPJ, memang terjojol biji mata tengok bill. Not just that, the horror of seeing our child being injected and stuff.. it's just so.. sakit.

That's why i am so grateful she didn't have to experience that at an earlier stage of life. kesian kot. Baby lagi dah kena inject sume..
 Unless it is inevitable.

Anyway, i just hope that new moms can get away from the pressures of other people and just give your babies your milk just for the first 6 months pun dah cukup bagus! Not just that, breastfeeding prevents cancer, osteoperosis and so much more. It will save you expensive medical bills, and you and baby will be healthy and safe inshaAllah!


Hope this is beneficial for you!
Happy breastfeeding!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kids nowadays..


You know, i've heard so many times from the elder generation about how 'kids nowadays tak macam dulu!'.
I thought i should be offended.
But my dad said that this generation, the kids are smarter.
Last time, my brothers and i, kalau kena bedung terus tido. Tak gaduh, tak apa. We obliged.

But Nadrah.
She refused to oblige. She went full blast on hating the bedung. We tried wrapping her nicely but she'll kick it off or scream her lungs out, and sometimes both. And she was just a little baby then!

major throwback!

I believe what my dad said is true. Yeah, budak zaman sekarang memang sangat lain, but in a good way, inshaAllah.
With breastfeeding awareness and acceptance spreading throughout the world, the kids are not just building good immune system, but their brain is growing healthily too!
Every child needs that now - healthy growth mind and body.

Read more about my breastfeeding journey here!

Leaving it all behind.

My father sold all his investments.
His stocks, car, land properties, even his nice shoes.

My mother sold her jewelries.
Her anniversary necklace which was given by my father 25 years ago. It was worth thousands of dollars, but she sold it the pawn for 50 dollars. And that was the most she got. She sold all of her priced possessions too for meagre price.

To make sure that my brothers and i would have a better chance of survival and a better life outside of this once a peaceful country, they gathered all their money, counted right down to the penny, and kept on selling more stuff including our clothes, kitchen appliances, and herb plants in our backyard until they finally had enough.

They bought my brothers and i tickets to a better life.

We didn't want to leave them behind, but mother said, they have lived long enough, that we still have more to go.

On the day we have to depart, we prayed together and for the first time, we prayed in tears.

Father had pack our things. A loaf of bread, some money, and water. Mother told us to keep our most comfortable shoes and clothes. And that night, we wore them.
That night, we didn't speak, but our hearts were beating so hard, we could all hear it beating together. They were fast yet steady.

My eldest brother led the way. He would run stealthily ahead, check if the coast was clear, and we would trail behind him. About an hour of running while evading and hiding, we reached the meeting point, right at the foot of a hill with a huge tree completely overshadowing our ride; a black boat, which looked like the float we used to play in when we went to the beach, many lifetime ago.
My mother reached last, wheezing as she limped towards us. Her leg was cramped.
We could see people starting to climb into the boat, and father and mother told us to run towards it as fast as we could and go.

I turned to say goodbye, but mother said it's not a goodbye. She told me to stick with my brothers, that she loves us all, and to have faith in Allah.

I cried while running towards to boat, and saw my brother held out his hand to catch me. As soon as i grabbed his hand, he pulled me in and sat me next to him. We were all cramped now with a lot of other people.

It wasn't cold, but i was shivering. I wasn't the only one. The lady who sat beside me was also shivering and whimpering. I noticed that she was holding her small child who looked confused with all the quiet rushing and hushed voices.

Suddenly, people started to stop talking and it felt as if we stopped breathing too. We were as silent as the night. And then, the boat started to move very smoothly with the current.

I dared myself to look back at where mother and father was, but saw nothing. We have drifted quite a distance and it was too dark to see anything. The only light available was the moon and its reflection on the sea water.

What felt like hours later, we could see the sun starting to rise. The colour of the sky was shifting from pitch black, to grey. I could now see the people around me. I looked at my brothers and they were also looking around, taking in the people that were in the same boat.

Then, the motor started abruptly. I could feel everyone jumped at the sound. The fear sank in again. We were all praying silently to reach what ever land that would accept us. Some children were crying, some people were talking. But my brothers and i, we just prayed and prayed.

Not long after the sun had risen, i heard people around me murmuring. My brother poked me so hard, and told me to look up. He was pointing on our left. People were standing up and so i stood up.
We could see land!

Everyone was so overjoyed that one man had to scream over our excited screams and told us to calm down because we were making the boat sink. Everyone sat down immediately. One man, he looked to be around 40, stood at the front and gave us instructions.
We have to help each other.
Find a place that can accept us.
Don't cause trouble to anyone, or we'll be returned back to our country.
And finally, be careful.

One person asked where we were heading, and the man only shrugged. He said we were supposed to go a different route, but he saw a ship's light, and he immediately changed course. He didn't want to risk running into the enemy.

I felt everything then.
Fear, gratitude, anxiousness, and hopelessness.
We didn't know where we were heading. We don't know where to go, and even where to begin.We don't know if we do have a better chance of surviving than when we were in our country. So many uncertainties...

But mother and father told us to tawakkal. The unknown is fearful, be we must have faith in Allah.

We were all watching intensely at the island we were slowly reaching. Some children were crying on hunger and thirst. I gave the child next to me my share of the bread.

As we were reaching the island, we could here loud chanting. There were people waiting for us!
I was scared at first, but my brother looked at me with an excited smile.

"Can you hear that!?" he said.
I strained my ear. And yes. I heard.


Some men stood up on the boat, which caused us to wobble dangerously, and the sat down promptly. One man shouted back,
and we all shouted as loudly as we could "ALLAHU AKBAR!"
I was in tears, tears of joy!
We were all crying, even the men!

We kept with our takbir until we reached the shore, and the men and women that were waiting for us from the shore pulled us off the boat, one by one. The men treated the men, the women tended to the women and children.
One lady who took me asked me straight away if i was okay. I nodded. She pulled me towards a tent where we were given food and water. Everyone was crying, hugging each other, and a few ladies were in sujud. Some were lying down with what looked like doctors surrounding them.
I dropped my bag and fell into sujud too, thanking Allah for bringing us here. The tears have stopped, but my heart was swelling with gratitude. Allahu Akbar! Alhamdulillah!

After everyone were properly fed and dried, we were allowed to leave the tent to find our family.
I ran towards my brothers, and were cried in each other's embrace. We were safe. We were finally safe.

We really don't know what will happen to us.
But we are hopeful.
I finally understood what it means to let go of the world and hold Allah in my heart, because that was the only thing i held on to from the time i left my parents and my home behind. We have lived through the hardest ordeal, threatened by death everyday, and now, Allah is promising a future for us. Perhaps we will be the ones changing the future of our country.

*all made up, i'm sorry. i just couldn't imagine what it's like to be them.. I just wish that i could be among the people accepting them on our shores, with other muslim brothers & sisters. we are supposed to be brothers & sisters in islam, right?
not meant to disrespect anyone. if i did, i'm so sorry.
if my info were incorrect, i'm sorry. like i said, it's all made up.
my heartfelt prayers to the survivors of the war.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Breastfeeding Friendly


Have you heard of "BF friendly" clothes?

Before i had Nadrah, i remember seeing people leaving comments on La Kayena's instagram and facebook asking me if the jubahs were "BF friendly".
I honestly thought it was "best friend friendly".
What does that even mean and why are people requesting that?!?
It didn't make sense!

So naturally i googled and found what it truly meant, i felt... malu.
How can someone say "breastfeeding" so casually? (There's 'breast' in it.. i'm too innocent i guess.. *scratch head*).


But seriously, it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, BREASTFEEDING should be celebrated!
There should be confetti thrown and congratulatory music for nursing moms. But then... i think all moms should be celebrated anyway, regardless. =)

As a married woman at that time, i knew that this was something serious- breastfeeding i mean.
Due to many requests on making the jubahs all BF-friendly, i wondered how to make them so.
After counselling Dr Google, i understood that it meant to be easy accessible for nursing babies.
I am so totally pro breastfeeding, so i obliged!

It's not hard pun.
It's just using longer zippers to allow bigger access for nursing. Non-nursing people pun boleh pakai, no problem =)

So the thing is, it made me realise on how malaysian moms are very passionate about breastfeeding.
I'm not surprised why people love breastfeeding so much. There are so many goodness in breastmilk.
(Ok, i don't know if they love it, but the fact that so many persevered, that's passion right there! Hehe!).

And i am also very grateful that there are rooms provided for nursing moms. Like in Ikano, there's one at every floor. So convenient!
Some people can even do it with their nursing covers out in public. So far i haven't heard any malaysian outburst on being thrown out for doing it. Mostly are usually from america or mat salleh countries. Alhamdulillah =)

Breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months is the most important. I know so many moms are struggling with pumping for milk while working, or how some people are pressured into giving formula milk, and I understand some people have a hard time producing milk, either due to disease, stress and more. But for 6 months at least, inshaAllah cukup.

So here are some of the many benefits of breastfeeding:

The only tip i can give for moms who are trying your bestest to provide for your child, is be surrounded with positive and supportive people. They're everywhere actually. Kat facebook ada, kat instagram, blogs, friends, families!

InshaAllah, pejam celik pejam celik, you've exceeded your own expectations.


Monday, October 19, 2015

i roll my eyes expertly

Behind every child that's crying out in public, throwing tantrums and causing delays -

is a mother rolling her eyes

because she knows it's the child's way of getting what they want

and because the husband is not doing anything.

- bahaha! Not saying that my husband didn't do anything when nadrah goes all out on being a cyclone, but he's definitely not the one that has to face it full on 24-7.
Cheers stay at home or work at home moms!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Smooth Criminal with Scholl


So here's my review of the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File!

Do you have calluses on your feet?
You know, those hardened skin around your heels.

Well, i do.

It's not something to be ashamed of, in my opinion.
It's normal to have those kan. It shows that we've been carrying loads around for some time (Ehem. Nadrah. Ehem.) and maybe because we're not wearing the right shoes. Ihiks!

So anyway, i've tried this electronic foot file, and i'm liking it!

And Here's Why!

1. It's easy to use.

2. I don't have to use so much strength to scrap off the hard skin.
3. The manual foot file usually make my skin uneven and sometimes i terluka kan kaki sebab i scraped too hard. This electronic one is seriously lemah lembut- it's not so rough, so my skin evenly cleaned.

4. I don't have to position myself awkwardly to get all the hard skin smoothened out (like i have to with the manual kind) because the roller head yang gerak. Not us. Muahahaha!
Trying it out on my husband's foot.

5. The habuk-habuk senang nak dibersihkan because THEY DON'T FLY EVERYWHERE! Wooot! I was expecting the habuk to fly around and land on the scarf, but takde! The roller head is detach-able and can be cleaned easily. Economical like that.
Can you see the habuk? Ihiksss!

Obviously i had the first dibs on this, so when my husband told me his concerns (he was worried it might be too rough), i was like
"Sayang, serious tak sakit."

Serious, tak sakit.

It was even fun. I could file my feet the whole day, while watching tv, while reading, while eating. I would! But just a few seconds is enough of course. Bahahaa =p
All you need to do is turn it on, use them at those calluses or corns on your feet, and then rinse with water.

Smooth skin, i tell ya! The name of the product really does reflect their results.

In case you're wondering, they work on batteries, the normal AA ones. It's also an ergonomic gadget. How thoughtful, Scholl! =')

So i recommend the Scholl Electronic Foot File to all of you yang tak kuasa nak kikis susah susah dengan kaki sebelah terangkat kat muka, pastu nak cepat.
Our feet is really the strongest part of our body, because it carries the whole body plus whatever load, daily! That's why we need to take care of it. Manjakan dia once in a while. Tapi sebab nak gi buat pedicure kat luar sometimes takde masa la, tempat tak tertutup sangat so nanti aurat ternampak, pastu geli sebab orang pegang pastu macam macam la songeh kita kan, so apa susah-buat je sendiri kat rumah!

Right now tengah ada promo kat for this product. You can get 5% off when you use this promo code: SCHSOU
Cepat cepat guna k!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Skincare Routine!


So, here it is!

I shared my skincare routine on Youtube daaahhhhh!
I hope it helps. Does it?
Entah la ek. Dah orang request, kita buat je laaa.

To be completely honest, i had this one really bad skin period.
It started when i was working as an engineer. I believe it was because of the environment. I was either in the office (air-conditioned and fully carpeted), or the manufacturing area (dusty and had flying particles/debris). My skin was rough, clogged, dry like crazy, my pores were obvious because i kept pressing out the blackheads, and pale. 

Despite eating healthy and regular exercises, my face was clearly showing otherwise.
It really annoyed me! So i thought that i should do facials every friday during the long lunch hours. 
And i did.

But after 2 facials, i didn't want to do it anymore. It was too much of a torture, both on my face and my money.

Then i thought of changing my skincare products.

Seriously... OH BOYYYY!!
I tried 'em all! The cheap ones, the expensive ones. GILA.
The expensive ones like dermalogica, clinique, even murad, did not do any good on my skin. 
The 'experts' (more like just good salesperson) told me that i should use so-and-so product because my skin is so-and-so. And me being me, i was too lazy and was in a rush to see immediate results, went ahead and spent a lot of money on it.

I'm not the kind that would try in a short period of time. When i try a new product, i will use it for as long as i could, just to make sure that i'm not hallucinating the results.

They all turned out to be huge disappointments. So then i tried the cheap ones. Lagi teruk for some reason. T___T

gambar masa nak kahwin, 2012. Even with makeup, you can still see the acne scars on my forehead. And those pores. Yeah. I had minimal makeup because i just didn't want to clog my already clogged pores. And because i just prefer this kind of makeup. Ihiks!

And then came the i-thought-was-the-right-answer!

Fuh! It was the rave at one time, remember?
And i was raving along with it. Bahahaa!

I tried all sorts of collagen. Not that many la. I just tried a few brands. And yeah, some did work! For a while. Hmph.

I remember taking this one collagen drink, and after two weeks, my skin did feel better and all. And so i continued on. But after a month, ok.. Apasal my skin cam.. back to kusam?
Takpe la.. Try je lagi. Maybe hormon tak betul sekarang.

After 2 months, 3 months. 4 months - eik? Vat iz diz??
Tak guna punya 'collagen'... It was only short term thing. Wuuuaaaa!!
Not only was my skin became dry again, i got all sorts of unwanted side effects and that was the end of my 'shortcut'.

So i got so annoyed at how much i've spent just to look 'radiant', 'young', 'fair', and blablabla.
After years, yes, YEARS, of all this wastage, i decided to go back to basic.
I know for a fact that my skin do not jive with cream and gel cleanser. For my dry skin, they made me either oily like crazy, or drier like crazy.
So i avoided those. 
I need toner because after my skin dries (after washing with cleanser), my skin feels weird- like tight. You get that? I do. After the toner only my skin feels lighter.
I know i have to wear moisturiser because to put on sunblock without it, makes my skin sting.
I found Shu Uemura oil cleanser to work best with me because of this one time when this lady gave me a sample packet for me to get rid of my makeup with. It's an oil cleanser, but it serves as a really good makeup removal too. The after feeling after washing up-that was when i knew.. i found THE ONE. Drama gila. Bahahhaaa =p
I tell ya, that one bottle cost a LOT. I think it was RM300++, but i've been using that one bottle for more than a year now, and there're still more. I think next year baru beli new bottle kot. 
The other products, simple and basic je. Alhamdulillah, using these products and with this routine, my skin is way better, and my pocket money pun bigger since i don't have to spend so much.
Now, my advice is, just get a good cleanser - for all you dry skin-ers. Oily skin, acne-prone skin, i'm so sorry, i don't know what works best for you...
Whatever your skin type is, I hope you don't have to spend so much on your skin care products. It might take time for our skin to heal, but the slow way is (sometimes) the best way.
Unless you have a big budget, then go ahead! Face treatments and dermalogists can provide you with good solutions.

Here's my most recent vainshot *muntah kuning*
Sorry, but just nak show, i ni memang irregular-makeup-wearer, but i believe in good skincare. I am happy being barefaced and all, and i am grateful to Allah SWT for making it easy for me. 

Anyway, without further ado, here's my Skincare Routine video! Enjoyyyyyyyy!

Sorry muka kuning.
The lighting was off, but i was too lazy to do anything about it.